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Committee of Experts

The Committee of Experts is made up of 13 specialists from different disciplines. It assesses applications for support and the Arts Council’s own projects involving costs of more than 50’000 francs, as well as multi-year support agreements. It also advises the Secretariat on specialist matters.

Pro Helvetia’s Board of Trustees elects the members of the Committee of Experts for a term of four years. They may be re-elected once.

Classical music

Marie-Anne Jancik
Managing director, Fondation Nicati-de-Luze, Lausanne

Cultural studies

Walter Leimgruber
Professor of Cultural Studies and European Ethnology, University of Basel

Dance, German-speaking Switzerland

Julia Wehren
Dance Scientist, Bern

Dance, French-speaking Switzerland

Véronique Ferrero Delacoste
Director, FAR° Festival des Arts Vivants, Nyon


Chantal Prod‘Hom
Director, mudac, Lausanne


Stéphanie-Aloysia Moretti
Artistic Director, Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation, Montreux

Literature, German-speaking Switzerland

Philipp Theisohn
Professor of Literature and Cultural studies, University of Zurich

Literature, French-speaking Switzerland

Thomas Hunkeler
President of the Committee of Experts
Professor of French Literature, University of Fribourg

Literature, Italian-speaking Switzerland

Cristina Foglia

Theatre, German-speaking Switzerland

Ute Haferburg
Director, Theater Chur

Theatre, French-speaking Switzerland

Marynelle Debétaz
Director, Nebia, Biel

Visual arts

Felicity Lunn
Vice President of the Committee of Experts
Director, CentrePasquArt, Biel