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Committee of Experts

The Committee of Experts is made up of 13 members with in-depth knowledge in their respective field. It assesses multi-year support agreements worth more than CHF 50,000 as well as applications for support above CHF 50,000 that are not appraised by a jury. The Board of Trustees appoints the Committee’s members for a four-year term of office. Each member may be re-appointed once.

Marie-Anne Jancik | Music / Classical music

Giulia Bini | Cultural Economics / Design
Serena O. Dankwa | Diversity
Marynelle Debétaz | Performing Arts /Theatre
Anja Dirks | Performing Arts / Theatre
Kijan Espahangizi | Culture and Society
Rares Donca | Performing Arts / Dance
Julia Gelshorn | Visual Arts
Stefan Humbel | Literature
Yann Laville
| Music
Gordan Savicic
| Interdisciplinary Projects and Digital Culture
Samuel Schellenberg | Visual Arts
Claire Stavaux | Literature