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In the field of culture and society, Pro Helvetia promotes projects with a theme-based focus. Support in the form of financial contributions to printing and translating non-fiction (incl. e-books) as well as to theme-based exhibitions, events and innovative cultural formats is granted to cultural projects that foster discourse on topics relevant to Switzerland and that are capable of providing fresh cultural impetus. Projects that contribute to a better understanding between regional, linguistic and cultural communities in Switzerland are also eligible for promotion.

To qualify for support from Pro Helvetia, a project must

  • be clearly connected to Switzerland;
  • be of nationwide importance;
  • be publicly accessible;
  • be adequately co-financed by other public or private sponsors (incl. publishers / event organisers).

Criteria fulfilled? Below you will find an overview of what our Culture and Society division promotes.

What we support: Scope of promotion


Pro Helvetia supports publishers by means of contributions to the printing costs of non-fiction books by professionally qualified Swiss authors. Support can be applied for in the case of:

  • publications in the fields of cultural anthropology and everyday culture dealing with Swiss topics from a contemporary perspective;
  • publications on Swiss topics in any arts discipline from a contemporary perspective.
  • well-recognised cultural and artistic journals.

See the complete Guidelines for Applicants Culture and Society


On request by Swiss or international publishers, Pro Helvetia supports the translation of theme-based works by Swiss authors on socially relevant cultural topics. The topics of works by Swiss authors do not necessarily have to relate to Switzerland.

Further information on the support of translations

See the complete Guidelines for Applicants Culture and Society

Exhibitions and events on topics of everyday and folk culture in Switzerland

Pro Helvetia supports exhibitions and events dealing with aspects of everyday culture and folk culture in Switzerland as well as their transfer to other linguistic regions in Switzerland and to other countries.

Contributions may be made to:

  • thematic exhibitions and events that give a new cultural stimulus to social themes relevant to Switzerland;
  • projects involving cooperation between local and regional museums in Switzerland;
  • adaptation, transport and insurance costs of exhibitions to be shown in other linguistic regions of Switzerland or abroad.

Pro Helvetia fosters the international exchange of knowledge. Eligible for support are specialists who contribute to the content of public events outside of Switzerland on topics connected with Swiss literature, folk culture or everyday culture. As a rule, the amount of support is measured against the travel expenses. The application is to be submitted by the event organiser.

Book Promotion

Pro Helvetia supports the promotion of the Swiss book outside of Switzerland. In addition to its presence at the most important international book fairs (several years of support agreements with the publishers associations), Pro Helvetia makes twice a year a contribution for the international promotion of the Swiss book and its translation. This funding is aimed at professional publishers, publishing groups, associations and event organisers in the book and literature field.

See the complete Guidelines for Applicants Culture and Society

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