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Pro Helvetia promotes cultural projects on socially relevant themes related to Switzerland. We support theme-based projects that provide new cultural stimulus, foster public debate and enhance understanding between different regional, linguistic and cultural communities in Switzerland.

Eligible for promotion are theme-based exhibitions, events, non-fiction books (incl. e-books) and innovative formats. We also grant financial support to publications in the context of everyday and folk culture, and to cooperation projects between local and regional museums.

With its exhibitions on social policy issues, Stapferhaus has over the past few years gained national and international renown. We help fund its important cultural work by means of a support agreement, ensuring a future for this «Haus der Gegenwart» (house of the present).

Just how cultural activities can create social stimulus is exemplified by the travelling exhibition «Verdingkinder reden» (Swiss contract children speak out), backed by Pro Helvetia. On show throughout Switzerland, it has played a major part in putting the public and political spotlight on a dark chapter in Swiss history, the forced labour of children – orphans or those removed from their parents.


Angelika Salvisberg
Head Literature and Society


Gianna Conrad
Culture and society / Thematic publications and events