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The Swiss Touch in Landscape Architecture

w s Landschaftsarchitekten, Wylerpark, Berne (CH), 2008


Caroline Nicod
Visual Arts

T +41 44 267 71 02

Through 36 displays, three audio-visual presentations and online documentation, The Swiss Touch in Landscape Architecture is a travelling exhibition retracing the work and impact of Swiss landscape architects.

Landscape architecture continually transforms the environment and the way we approach it: development of public spaces, in urban and peri-urban projects, management of green spaces within the city, creation of parks and gardens and integration of waste land and agricultural terrain into the landscape.

The projects of Swiss architects privilege formal beauty, but also place emphasis on ecological context. The need to respect both the spirit of a place and its history yields designs wich combine, in equal measure, an extreme sense of rigour with elegance. The present exhibition hints at the richness, diversity and complexity of this fascinating field.

Digital Travelling Exhibition

In order to facilitate the reproduction on all five continents, the exhibition and its promotional material are saved on a digital data carrier. Detailed instructions on the construction are available in the online documentation.

The Swiss Touch in Landscape Architecture is the last of a series of digitized exhibitions on major topics of Swiss culture. We recommend it for professional organizers in Switzerland and abroad, as well as for Switzerland’s diplomatic missions.

(Photo: w+s Landschaftsarchitekten, Wylerpark, Bern, 2008)

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