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Promotion of up-and-coming young choreographers

Performance «FUN!» by choreographer Lea Moro

Pro Helvetia has a large array of promotional tools at its disposal to help talented young dance practitioners develop their potential, pursue their career and ultimately establish themselves at an international level.

The projects involved are ambitious and demanding, devised for especially promising choreographers. We use formats tailored to each artist’s individual profile to ensure the best possible support for the development of their talent and their career, including mentoring programmes, residencies, participation at international events and assistance with dramaturgy projects.

Thanks to the partnerships we maintain with renowned institutions in Switzerland and abroad, we are able to provide fitting and professional settings for the project. The following tab of this dossier provides you with further information on the participating institutions, the projects and the selection process.


Yann Aubert


(Photo: Lea Moro «FUN!» © Andres Bucci)

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