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Promotion of up-and-coming young theatre practitioners

Internationales Forum Berlin


Thibault Genton


The independent theatre scene in Switzerland is lively, innovative and well-connected internationally. Ensuring that this momentum is retained and the scene continues to flourish requires talented young practitioners with fresh perspectives and new ideas. They have either been trained at one of Switzerland’s four theatre academies, or have found their way to Switzerland from abroad through employment at a theatre or through co-productions in the independent scene. This regularly leads to the formation of new Swiss groups, whose members increasingly come from a variety of international backgrounds.

We are committed to supporting aspiring young artists on an ongoing basis as an investment in a thriving and innovative theatre scene. Our measures are based on the specific requirements of theatre groups and set in where a lack has been identified. To enable young groups to forge lasting ties within the theatre scene, cooperation with renowned event organisers from all over Switzerland is one of the key conditions for all projects supported.

(Photo © Piero Chiussi/Agentur StandArt)

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