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Pro Helvetia promotes contemporary professional art and culture in Switzerland with a view to ensuring its diversity as well as its national and international reach. Support goes to the creation of new productions, as well as the dissemination of Swiss arts and culture outside Switzerland and cultural exchange within Switzerland. As a national foundation, Pro Helvetia only supports projects of cross-regional or international significance and supplements the promotional activities of Switzerland’s cantons and cities.

What we support

Pro Helvetia supports events and festivals combining artistic disciplines, which present productions from various artistic disciplines. As a rule, productions from at least three artistic disciplines must be envisaged. Otherwise, applications must be submitted to the division primarily responsible for the event. Events combining different artistic disciplines are assessed according to the same criteria regarding form and content that apply to discipline-specific events. Particular importance is given to the criteria of the disciplines of which the productions are part of.

Events combining artistic disciplines are supported in and outside Switzerland. In Switzerland, they are supported provided they present productions from the respective other Swiss language regions. Outside Switzerland, support is given to these events that present Swiss productions.

Assessment of the applications submitted is based on the general conditions set by Pro Helvetia and on the specific formal and content-related criteria set by the divisions concerned. Projects that do not meet these criteria will not be eligible for support.

To be eligible for support, projects must

  • have a clear connection to Switzerland
  • be of nationwide importance
  • be adequately co-funded by other public or private funders (including event organisers)

Only event-organising institutions are entitled to apply in the ‘Events combining artistic disciplines’ format.

Application Deadlines and Decision Timelines

Application typeApplication deadlineDecision timeline
Funding requests up to CHF 25,000ongoing, up to eight weeks prior to the event/publicationwithin eight weeks
Funding requests between CHF 25,001 and 50,000ongoing, at the latest four months prior to the event/publicationwithin four months
Funding requests over CHF 50'0001 September, at the latest four months prior to the event/publicationwithin four months
1 December, at the latest four months prior to the event/publicationwithin four months
1 March, at the latest four months prior to the event/publicationwithin four months
1 June, at the latest four months prior to the event/publicationwithin four months


Pro Helvetia is unable to consider funding requests if

  • the same part of the submitted project is already receiving funding from other federal bodies (e.g. Federal Office of Culture, Presence Switzerland, Swiss National Science Foundation, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation);
  • the project is part of a school or university curriculum/basic training or continuing education programme (including dissertations, diploma projects, university scholarships, etc.);
  • funding is intended to cover infrastructure and equipment costs, as well as the costs of operating cultural facilities, archives and collections;
  • the project does not depend on funding from Pro Helvetia.

Application Dossier

Funding applications submitted to Pro Helvetia must contain:

  • Details on the persons involved in the project
  • Project description in conceptual and organisational terms
  • Place and date of the public performance, publication or presentation
  • Detailed cost and financing plan including information on all financial assistance requested from third parties
  • Details on the amount requested from Pro Helvetia and cost justification
  • In the case of exclusively virtual projects, evidence of a convincing national or international online dissemination strategy must be provided.

Applications must be submitted via myprohelvetia.ch.

Status: January 2023