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Critical reflection: Embedded Perspectives

Applications can be submitted from: 1 January

Target group
Practitioner with connection to Switzerland
Submission deadline
1 March


Pro Helvetia supports projects that explore new forms of arts and culture outreach and education and that foster the critical discussion on culture and contemporary artistic production. Following “Multiply perspectives” (2022) and “Expanding perspectives” (2023), the third call for applications “Embedded perspectives” (2024) looks at formats and programmes for arts and culture outreach and education (analogue, digital and hybrid) that have a public impact and seek new, creative ways to facilitate access to art and culture and promote dialogue between these fields and the public.

For Whom

Artists and cultural practitioners in all artistic disciplines supported by Pro Helvetia: Design including Game Design, Performing Arts, Literature, Music and Visual Arts

Selection Criteria

Projects that

  • include multidisciplinary artistic approaches and perspectives
  • are conceived and realised by at least two people, networks or collectives who have their main focus of work in Switzerland
  • create space for dialogue between different stakeholders
  • have a clear connection to contemporary Swiss art and culture
  • focus on arts and culture outreach and education
  • are embedded within a specific spatial (e.g. physical or digital space) or societal (e.g. community, organisation or network) context
  • are conceived to have a lasting impact
  • have potential to spark societal discussion on contemporary art and culture
  • offer new stimuli to trigger exploration of the interface between artistic and societal issues
  • are accessible to the public

In addition to these specific criteria, the apply.

Financial Contribution

Project grant of max. CHF 25,000

  • Pro Helvetia funding must not make up more than 50% of the total budget of the project submitted
  • The project grant may cover salaries, administrative costs, the costs of project support and targeted communication

Content Of Application

  • Concept for the content, form, goals and implementation of the project, with details of the target audience: maximum of five A4 pages and/or an interactive format (e.g. video, audio. Project applications must be complete at the time of submission and list all individuals involved in the project.
  • Description of international collaboration, if the project is intended to have international reach.
  • Details of the participating individuals (CV, incl. description of their task and role within the project, and information on their individual contribution to the project, justifying the relevance of the planned collaboration). In the event of international collaborations, at least 50% of the participating artists and cultural practitioners need to be from Switzerland.
  • Budget and financing plan (incl. information on all financial support requested from third parties)
  • Realisation plan
  • Further documentation (e.g. documents relating to projects already carried out, media digest, etc.)

Format-specific Exclusion Criteria

  • Grants towards infrastructure, equipment and operating costs and towards maintenance costs for digital formats
  • Grants towards the research, production or presentation of an artistic production
  • Grants towards projects involving journalistic research and reporting (with publication in print media or digital formats) and PR projects/projects that are solely for (self-)promotional and dissemination purposes (e.g. artist homepage, book promotion, etc.)
  • Grants towards projects involving individuals still in education
  • Retroactive grants towards ongoing projects: projects may be presented to the public from 1 July 2024 onwards, at the earliest.

Application Deadlines and Decision Timelines

Applications can be submitted from1 January
Submission deadline1 March
Notification of decisionJune
Earliest start date for the project1 July

Decision-making processes

The applications will be assessed by a jury.

Applications can be submitted from: 1 January

Image by Martin Heynen

General Requirements


Pro Helvetia promotes the professional contemporary Swiss art and cultural production (without film) with a view to diversity as well as national and international reach. It supports the creation of new artistic works and productions, the exchange between Switzerland’s various linguistic regions, the dissemination of Swiss art and culture outside Switzerland and international cultural exchange. As a national foundation, Pro Helvetia supplements the promotional activities of Swiss cantons and municipalities and only supports projects that are cross-regionally or internationally recognised.

Pro Helvetia will only consider funding applications if they are complete and have been submitted on time.

To be eligible for support, projects must

  • have a clear connection to Switzerland
  • be of nationwide importance
  • be adequately co-funded by other public or private means
  • respects/guarantee fair working conditions

Connection to Switzerland

A connection to Switzerland is given, if one of the following conditions is met:

  • The production or project in question is developed or implemented by artists and cultural practitioners, who verifiably hold Swiss citizenship or are permanent residents of Switzerland and who are regularly artistically involved in relevant events in Switzerland.
  • The project is created, developed, or implemented by an independent group or cultural institution whose place of production is in Switzerland and who is regularly and publicly active in Switzerland.

Nationwide relevance

Nationwide relevance is given, if one of the following conditions is met:

  • The art and cultural practitioners participating in the project are regularly involved in programmes of nationally recognised art and cultural institutions in Swiss regions other than their own or abroad, and the project in question has a transregional appeal.
  • The artistic potential of an emerging art practitioner involved is exceptional in terms of a national or international career.
  • The project makes a significant contribution to the development of Swiss artistic and cultural production and its dissemination.
  • The project is of significant importance for the exchange between Switzerland’s various linguistic regions.

Assessment of content and quality

Within the framework of the available funds, Pro Helvetia prioritises projects that most comprehensively meet the funding criteria. The Foundation assesses whether

  • the project demonstrates high degree of independence and professional competence as well as social and thematic relevance
  • the project is implemented according to professional standards
  • the costs are commensurate with the expected impact
  • a lasting impact can be expected

Furthermore, the Foundation attaches great importance to the following aspects:

  • The project has an appropriate commitment to diversity.
  • Resources are used in an ecologically responsible manner and work and production are planned sustainably.


Pro Helvetia is unable to consider funding requests if

  • the same part of the submitted project is already received funding from other federal bodies (e.g. Federal Office of Culture, Presence Switzerland, Swiss National Science Foundation, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation)
  • the project is part of a school or university curriculum/basic training or continuing education programme (including dissertations, diploma projects, university scholarships, etc.)
  • funding is intended to cover infrastructure and equipment costs, as well as the costs of operating cultural facilities, archives and collections
  • the project does not depend on funding from Pro Helvetia

Status: January 2024