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Residency in Switzerland

Applications can be submitted from: 1 January

Target group
Practitioner without connection to Switzerland
Submission deadline
1 March


Three-month residencies at a partner institution in Switzerland.

For Whom

Cultural practitioners from the regions of the liaison offices (Arab region, East Asia, South America, South Asia, West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa and Southern Africa – see below for a full list of countries) who are active in any of the disciplines supported by Pro Helvetia. Applications from both individuals and artist duos are accepted.

Selection Criteria

  • Applicants are rooted in the cultural scene of the regions of the liaison offices
  • Motivation behind the desired context
  • Sufficient knowledge of English or a good command of the language(s) of the country in question
  • A concrete research topic with a lasting impact

Financial Contribution

  • Accommodation
  • Travel costs
  • Daily allowances
  • Professional support
  • Workstation (on request)
  • Contribution towards production/material costs (on request)
  • In addition, parents can apply for financial support of up to CHF 1,000 per month to put towards childcare or to use for the travel expenses of their children and, if applicable, a caregiver. Applicants must submit an approximate budget of all expenses in advance.

Content Of Application

  • Detailed explanation of motivation behind the chosen context and artistic research
  • Desired length of stay and chosen destination
  • CV and portfolio
  • The application must be submitted in English

Format-specific Exclusion Criteria

Cultural practitioners from countries outside the Pro Helvetia liaison offices’ area of responsibility may not apply.

Application Deadlines and Decision Timelines

Applications can be submitted from1 January
Submission deadline1 March
Notification of decisionWithin four months
Earliest start date for the projectThe following year

Additional Information

Pro Helvetia assumes no responsibility for the approval of visa applications from artists, accompanying children, partners, family members or caregivers.

Arab region

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Morocco
  • Palestine
  • Tunisia
  • United Arab Emirates

East Asia

  • Mainland China
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • Taiwan

South America

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

South Asia

  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan
  • India
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Vietnam

West, Central, East and Southern Africa

  • Angola
  • Benin
  • Botswana
  • Burkina Faso
  • Burundi
  • Cabo Verde
  • Cameroon
  • Central African Republic
  • Chad
  • Comoros
  • Côte d’Ivoire
  • Djibouti
  • DR Congo
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Eritrea
  • Eswatini
  • Ethiopia
  • Gabon
  • Gambia
  • Ghana
  • Guinea
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Kenya
  • Lesotho
  • Liberia
  • Madagascar
  • Malawi
  • Mali
  • Mauritius
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • Republic of the Congo
  • Rwanda
  • São Tomé and Príncipe
  • Senegal
  • Seychelles
  • Sierra Leone
  • Somalia
  • South Africa
  • South Sudan
  • Tanzania
  • Togo
  • Uganda
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

List of residency partners as a table

Atelier MondialBasel, SwitzerlandSince 2014 the Atelier Mondial facilities in Basel have been located in a newly constructed building complex at Freilager-Platz at Dreispitz, an emerging art zone just behind the Swiss railway station. Located very close to the Schaulager and another project – the Helsinki building – by the architects Herzog & de Meuron and directly vis-à-vis the new Academy of Art and Design Basel (HGK FHNW ), the Atelier Mondial seven live-in residency studios, along with a number of new so-called ‘off’ or alternative spaces and galleries, are now part of the growing Campus of the Arts. The House of Electronic Arts Basel (HeK) is located on the ground floor of the new Atelier Mondial complex at Freilager-Platz 10, where guest artists from around the world will be staying on the first floor.Visual Arts, Literature, Art+
AZBZürich, SwitzerlandThe Arbeitsgemeinschaft Zürcher Bildhauer (AZB) is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the culture of sculpture. The association offers artist residencies in one of its studios, located in the gasworks areal on the industrial edge of Zurich. The program is open to all artists, with priority given to those engaged in sculptural practice. The studio is located between other AZB artists’ studios, in an industrial, brick building, with a 9-metre-high vaulted ceiling, large industrial windows and two mezzanines converted into living quarters.Visual Arts
Binz39Zürich, SwitzerlandThe BINZ39 Foundation was founded in 1983 by Henry F. Levy with the idea of offering artists free space. The supported artists find such free space in Zürich in the studios made available to them. The BINZ39 Foundation is primarily concerned with the artistic visual language – but also supports the dialogue between the various art disciplines. The Foundation offers seven studios for residencies both to artists from Zürich and international artists. An apartment in the center of Zürich is arranged for artists selected by Pro Helvetia.Visual ArtsStiftung BINZ39
Chateau de LavignyLavigny, SwitzerlandThe Château de Lavigny International Writers’ Residence was founded by Jane Ledig-Rowohlt in memory of her husband, German publisher Heinrich Maria Ledig-Rowohlt (Rowohlt Verlag). The Château de Lavigny is fostering “a spirit of international community and creativity”. Located in a small village between Geneva and Lausanne, overlooking Lake Geneva and the Alps, it welcomes five writers from different parts of the world, as well as from Switzerland, together for a 4, 8 or 12 weeks residency. The Foundation encourages encounters and exchanges between residents, as well as the opportunity to focus on one’s own work. Emerging as well as established writers are encouraged to apply. Selected residents have the opportunity to attend the “Livre sur les quais” literature festival held in Morges in
Cima CittàTorre, SwitzerlandCima Città is an interdisciplinary residency program in a historic chocolate factory in Ticino, located between the villages of Dangio and Torre at 800 meters above sea level. It is a space for creation, concentration and connection of committed individuals from the arts, society, politics and science. Cima Città wants to promote fruitful and critical dialogue and encourage new forms of collaboration. This exchange fosters novel, transdisciplinary approaches to pressing contemporary issues. It has seven bedrooms, where up to 15 people can stay in 2- or 3-bed rooms, a kitchen for self-catering, a living room and two large work rooms. In addition to the residence, Cima Città also has other rooms: “Giorgio” the rehearsal room for dance and theatre, the large vegetable garden, and the music studio.Visual Arts, Music, Literature, Art+, Performing Arts
Embassy of Foreign ArtistsGeneva, SwitzerlandThe Embassy of Foreign Artists is an international residency program whose goal is to welcome artists, cultural practitioners, engaged citizens and researchers. The organization uses its network to promote the realization and dissemination of artists’ projects and practices. Its spaces accommodate the different stages of the creative process, from early trials and tribulations to presentation in finished form. Since 2022 Embassy of Foreign Artist has moved to Petit-Lancy, twenty minutes from the city center of Geneva. The family house, dating back to 1956, has five private bedrooms with work spaces, a shared kitchen and bathroom, and a garden. This configuration features common spaces favorable to convivial meetings and exchanges, which are an important element of Embassy of Foreign Artists’ residency program.Visual Arts, Literature, Art+
Fundaziun NairsScuol, Grisons, SwitzerlandThe Fundaziun Nairs, founded in 2005, is a synthesis of artists’ house, art gallery and cultural laboratory. It links Engadine, a long high Alpine valley region in the eastern Swiss Alps, with other cultures around the world. The Kunsthalle shows contemporary art in exhibition spaces steeped in history and is dedicated to contemporary issues. The Kulturlabor is committed to the mediation and further development of local, Rhaeto-Romanic culture and realizes a variety of projects. As part of its international artists-in-residence program, it invites around 30 artists to spend several months in its studios each year. The foundation promotes dialogue and cooperation between the various art disciplines. Artists are provided with their own studio and a living/sleeping room. Five studios have a combined working and sleeping room. The kitchen is organised as a communal kitchen, in the evening artists cook together and eat together at the big table.Visual Arts, Literature, Music
Gleis 70Zurich, SwitzerlandGleis 70 is a cooperatively run commercial and artist studio building in Zurich Altstetten, in a former factory building in an industrial area. The cooperative was born out of the vision of securing affordable rents and thus a livelihood for tradespeople and artists in the city in the long term. As a cooperative, co-owner and landlord, Gleis 70 has been creating the conditions for this for twenty years. Artists, musicians, designers, inventors, composers, writers, graphic artists, craftsmen, filmmakers and many more work in the building. Since 2014, a live-in-studio for visiting artists is offered to pursue independent projects with the possibility of networking within and outside the house. The guest studio includes a living room with sleeping and kitchen area, bathroom and a working space.Design, Visual Arts, Art+
IFMZZurich, SwitzerlandInitiative Freie Musikszene Zürich – IFMZ (initiative free music scene Zurich) is an association of musicians, composers, and sound artists from Zurich’s contemporary music and sound art scene. In 2022 IFMZ got a new home: the Zeughaus 4 at the Kasernenareal in Zurich – a place for rehearsals, studios, experiments, exchange, and community. From autumn 2023 IFMZ will run the residency project “Multidirectional Motions” – a cooperation with SONIC MATTER Platform for Experimental Music and OTO SOUND MUSEUM. The residency is open to artists working with sound, musicians form different fields and composers. The residents work in the Studio 1. The 30 sqm big space is equipped with basic sound gear and has place also for medium room installations. Part of the residencies are studio visits, sharings or other public moments. The residents have also the possibility to use temporary the main rehearsal space (280 sqm). A small kitchen in the common area allows to cook simple meals.Music, Performing Arts, Art+
KaserneBasel, SwitzerlandKaserne Basel is one of the most important venues for the independent contemporary theatre, dance, performance and popular music scene in Switzerland. Moreover, it is a key partner of the local, national and international theatre and dance scene and promotes the development of independent theatre and dance companies. Kaserne Basel is also well known for its concerts featuring internationally and nationally renowned musicians. The new continuous residency programme establishes global cooperation and promotes intercontinental exchange. Kaserne welcomes artists in residence from Switzerland and abroad. In kHaus, Kaserne has a rehearsal stage and several residential studios. At the end of each residency, a showing provides an insight into artistic research and offers the local audience the opportunity to meet-up with the artists with exciting approaches.Theater, Dance, Performance, Music
La BecqueVevey, Switzerland
Located on the shores of Lake Geneva between Vevey and Montreux, close to all of Switzerland’s cultural and natural attractions, La Becque | Artist Residency hosts and fosters creativity of artists of all backgrounds and disciplines. Its vast garden hosts a total of 8 fully equipped live-and-work apartment, an additional 4 studios including a sound studio, a ceramic and wood workshop, a library, and a conference space. La Becque pays particular attention to projects that explore the interplay between nature, the environment, and technology, and offers time for reflection, rather than focusing on artistic production. Deeply convinced of the importance of such moments in the artistic process, La Becque is primarily interested in facilitating the phases of research, reflection, and other modes of transition, rather than capitalizing on creation.
Design, Literature, Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Art+
L’AbriGeneva, SwitzerlandL’Abri is spread over two sites, L’Abri – Madeleine and L’Abri – Carouge, in Geneva. A concrete burrow, buried and safe, and a former locksmith’s workshop, a glass roof bathed in light, opening onto the city: two intertwined spaces, which respond to each other, for a single project, L’Abri. Each year, a dozen artists join the growing community of L’Abri. During the season, the space becomes a place of life, creation and common reflection in which each artist has time to research and work on his or her future projects without any obligation to produce. From year to year, L’Abri is transformed by the new sensibilities that inhabit it. For the residencies in collaboration with Pro Helvetia, L’Abri accompanies emerging artists under 30 from all horizons in their projects by providing a flat and, upon availability, rehearsal spaces, a recording studio, by organising meetings with professionals from different fields, by setting up exchanges with regional and international structures and artists.Performing Arts, Art+, Literature, Music, Design, Interactive Media, Visual Arts
La Grange, Centre / Arts et Sciences / UNILLausanne, SwitzerlandLa Grange, located on the campus of the University of Lausanne, is a theater for contemporary performing arts and a place for research and experimentation, where artists and scientists work together to create new forms. It encourages scenic or visual co-creations resulting from collaborations between local or international artists and scientists, and supports them by developing original programmes and tools (residencies, research-creation projects, public events, podcasts, arts/sciences festival). La Grange is interested in all forms, whether experimental, radical, or traditional, whether based on text, performance, or installation, as long as there is common ground to be explored. The artist in residence selected by Pro Helvetia is preferably interested in meeting researchers of the campus, with a focus on scientific or societal issues. The artist in residence can stay at “The Vortex”, a complex with 44 fully furnished apartments. It is a vibrant area with many facilities: a restaurant, a rooftop bar with a unique view of the lake and the mountains, a nursery, a multipurpose hall and a number of other local shops and businesses.

Performing Arts, Art+
MusikwohnhausBasel, SwitzerlandThe Musikwohnhaus in Basel was established as a result of an in-depth investigation into the often challenging conditions that musicians and artists face in terms of work and residence. It was planned and build by the “Stiftung Habitat” (Foundation Habitat). Four apartments offer visiting musicians and creative artists the space for an effective working sojourn at the Musikwohnhaus. The guest apartments were designed with the special needs of musicians in mind and are intended for work and practice. A canteen, located centrally in the courtyard, a recording studio and three rehearsal spaces are available upon request. The fully furnished one-bedroom apartments are sound proof and equipped with a kitchenette and an en-suite bathroom. Sufficient storage space is available for luggage, instruments or other equipment.Music wohnungspolitik/gemeinnuetziger-wohnungsbau/ausgezeichnete-bauten/musikerwohnhaus.html
NeubadLuzern, SwitzerlandThe Neubad is the conversion of the former indoor swimming pool of the city of Lucerne. Since 2013, the temporary use has held events, gastronomy and catering, as a work and activity space, as a gallery as well as a neighbourhood meeting place and garden. Neubad offers residency places in the spacious apartment with terrace and three independent bedrooms. For selected artists-in-residence at Neubad, there is the possibility to collaborate with the annual Fumetto festival, one of the largest events held in Lucerne and one of the most important international comic festivals in Europe, and the biannual festival Woerdz, a rendezvous of the best-known heads of the spoken word scene.Visual Arts, Interactive Media, Art+
Residency.chBern, SwitzerlandThe PROGR Foundation in Bern is an art center with studios for artists of all disciplines, including galleries and other cultural institutions, space for events and concerts, as well as two bars with a restaurant. It was founded in 2009 by the artist group ‘Pro PROGR’ with the aim of promoting art production and providing workrooms for more than 150 artists on around 4500 square meters on five floors. The association, based at PROGR, was founded in 2012 by the artists Peter Aerschmann and Sophie Schmidt, supported by entrepreneur Hansjörg Wyss, with the aim of inviting visual artists for art residencies, establishing networks with artists and art organisations outside Switzerland and supporting international cultural exchange. Visiting artists are accommodated on the top floor of the house in an apartment with five rooms, shared kitchen and bathroom, and a balcony.Visual Arts, Literature, Art+
Rote FabrikZurich, SwitzerlandSince 1980 the Rote Fabrik cultural centre in Zürich offers a wide range of opportunities for cultural participation in a unique place on the lake: music, film and theatre, as well as at concept events on socio-political and cultural-political topics. In doing so, it constantly picks up on new trends and offers opportunities for cultural creation in various fields. In 2008, Rote Fabrik began an artists in residence project for foreign artists and cultural practitioners. The cultural center and the artists working in the studios stimulate each other, inspire each other and new networking opportunities arise. The selected artists in residence are provided with a studio of 117 mq and an apartment in Zürich, as well as with artistic support.Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Art+, Music
SMEMFribourg, SwitzerlandFounded in November 2016 and located in Fribourg, the smem (Swiss Museum and Centre for Electronic Instruments) brings together one of the largest collections of electronic and electromechanical instruments in the world with more than 5,000 objects covering the last eighty years of the history of music. The collection includes synthesizers, organs, effects and studio equipment. The foundation of this collection was laid by Basel collector Klemens Trenkle, who bequeathed them to the smem association on a contractual basis. The smem focuses its collection on access to sound creation and musical culture. The term “living collection” or “living archive” best describes its intentions. The smem’s central axes are many and revolve around three key terms: preservation, transmission-mediation, creation-invention. Its aim is to preserve the cultural heritage of electronic instruments and make it accessible to both the general public and professional musicians. To bring musical culture to all audiences and help them discover the world of sound in an interactive way. The artists in residence have the opportunity to engage with smem’s know-how and network and use the equipment according to availability. A flat close to the studios is organised for selected artists.Music
Swiss Game HubZurich, SwitzerlandFounded in 2019, the Swiss Game Hub (SGH) is a non-profit association in Zurich with the goal of improving the Swiss games industry. As part of their mission to further game development in Switzerland, it offers a mentorship programme and co-working space, where developers and interested parties meet to exchange opinions and experiences and find opportunities to collaborate. The SGH runs regular events aimed at professional game developers and those who aspire to be. In the residency programme in collaboration with Pro Helvetia, the selected cultural practitioner has the opportunity to enter the world of SGH and use its facilities, know-how, mentoring and networking. A flat is arranged in Zurich.Interactive Media
UtopianaGeneva, Switzerland
Utopiana is a place for a multidisciplinary research and creation, an association active at a local and international level for more than 20 years. Utopiana welcomes artist residencies and offers practical or reflective workshops together with events open to a wide audience. Utopiana designs its activities and program with the perspective that art has an essential role to play in building a new sensitivity towards ecosystems. The team of Utopiana aim to develop and promote art practices that question our relationship with the entire living world and that are rooted in everyday life. The entire house with the garden is made available to the selected resident. On the occasion of workshops, the house can accommodate up to 20 people inside and 40 in the garden.
Visual Arts, Art+
Verzasca Foto FestivalFrasco, Ticino, SwitzerlandVerzasca Foto, located in a mountain valley in the Locarno district of the Canton of Ticino, aims to promote emerging international photographers and to support visual arts in rural and peripheral areas, by giving free space through connection and dialogues with nature, offering access to different forms of expression and ways of visual storytelling. During the festival, held in September every year, outdoor exhibitions, artists presentations, guided visits, meetings, portfolio reviews, night screenings and live music can be experienced in small villages of stone houses and surrounded by dense, lush nature. An intimate and informal meeting place where participants have the opportunity to share ideas and points of view. The artists in residence project allows professional photographers to develop a series of images in total artistic freedom while staying in the Verzasca Valley and exhibit their work during the festival. The presence of outside guest photographers is an opportunity for cultural and artistic exchange, both for local artists as well as for the native population. During the stay in Switzerland, in addition to participating in the festival, the selected artist will be able to travel to connect with some of Switzerland’s most important photography-related realities.Visual Arts
Villa SträuliWinterthur, SwitzerlandKulturhaus Villa Sträuli is a non-profit art organization in the city of Winterthur. As a space for artistic creation, production, and dissemination of contemporary art it offers an interdisciplinary, international residency program and a year-round public program. The work of the Villa Sträuli team is committed to ensuring a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Residents are integrated into the Villa Sträuli’s cultural program and public relations. In addition, they are invited to offer and participate in public events: artist talks, concerts, workshops, studio visits, meet the artists events, and more. Available for incoming residents are 3 living and working studios, incl. a small kitchen and a private bathroom; a white cube for exhibitions, 3 event spaces in the Villa, and a rehearsal space with technical equipment for musicians are available.Music, Literature, Visual Arts, Art+, Performing Arts

Applications can be submitted from: 1 January

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