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Factsheet: Interactive Media Work Grants

Funding focuses on digital content whose use requires a high degree of interaction. This is the case when user action has a major impact on content.

Pro Helvetia supports projects that are characterised by originality, formal and design quality, feasibility, a high degree of innovation and potential marketability.

Work grants are available for three project phases

  1. pre-production
  2. production
  3. post-production

1. Application conditions

Work grants aim to support independent interactive content for computers, mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, mixed reality devices or other platforms. In addition to the general conditions (see above), projects must fulfil the following requirements

  • The funding measures are aimed at applicants who are either Swiss citizens or have permanent residence in Switzerland
  • In the case of studios, at least 50% of the participants in leading positions must be either Swiss citizens or have permanent residence in Switzerland
  • The project is implemented and exploited according to professional standards
  • Applicants may submit their project up to seven years after graduation or within the first seven years after establishing a company (as a legal entity)
  • Project contents are based on an independent concept — applicants may also apply for funding to continue or further develop a realised and distributed project
  • The project is highly innovative in creative and technological terms

Additional conditions for production and post-production funding

  • The project must be submitted by a legal entity (limited liability company (GmbH), public limited company (AG), etc.)
  • Sole proprietorships are also admissible provided the intention of converting them into a legal entity is stated
  • The applicant must hold copyright and the rights of use
  • In the production phase, funding by Pro Helvetia must be used exclusively for the development of content

2. Restrictions

No funding is available for

  • Infrastructure costs
  • Commissioned work and projects that are part of an advertising campaign
  • Contents whose intended impact is exclusively pedagogical or therapeutic
  • Projects serving promotional purposes
  • Contents that depict members of one sex or a particular group in a degrading manner or that violate human dignity
  • Contents glorifying violence
  • Content of a pornographic nature
  • Purely technological projects with no recognisable narrative and/or aesthetic content

3. Project submission

  • The application deadlines for all funding measures are 1 March and 1 September (by midnight)
  • No funding is awarded retrospectively. The corresponding project phase may be completed at the earliest four months and at the latest one year after the application deadline
  • Applications must be submitted via myprohelvetia.ch
  • Essentially, all documents must be submitted in English. If the applicant has no knowledge of English, he/she must provide a project summary (max. 1 A4 page) and may submit the main documents either in German, French or Italian. The summary will be translated into English by Pro Helvetia for the jury process
  • Only one project may be submitted per funding stage
  • In the event of rejection, the same project may be resubmitted for the same funding phase at most once again. The project must demonstrate significant progress
  • The application must be complete and submitted on time

4. Selection procedure

Projects are selected by a jury of experts. The selection process is conducted in English. Selection is based on the dossiers submitted specifically for the individual funding phases. Pro Helvetia reserves the right to assign applications to another funding phase.

For work grants whose application deadline is 1 March, the jury will meet at the end of April. Applicants will be contacted in writing by the end of May at the latest.

For work grants whose application deadline is 1 September, the jury will meet at the end of October. Applicants will be contacted in writing by the end of November at the latest.

5. Milestones-Planning

A milestones plan will be drawn up with all applicants whose projects have been positively assessed. The document contains specific measures, project milestones including time planning and a funding schedule. It is negotiated individually with grant recipients according to the specific project situation. The aims are project success and skills development in line with overall project progression.

6. Funding phases and application dossiers

6.1 Pre-production funding

Pro Helvetia funds the development of interactive content. Funding is awarded based on an early prototype or early version. Maximum funding: CHF 20,000

Composition of application dossier (in English)
Completed application form together with the following:

  1. Early prototype or version
  2. Project trailer (max. 2 minutes)
  3. Project description (a single PDF file, max. 20 pages), consisting of
    • Visuals, CVs of key project staff (including date of entry of the company in the commercial register)
    • Market analysis (with target group description)
    • Plan for development, production and commercial distribution
  4. Budget and complete financing plan (form to be completed on myprohelvetia.ch)

6.2 Production funding

Pro Helvetia supports the production of interactive media projects. Funding is awarded based on an advanced prototype or version or a completed pilot, as well as on the submitted presentation dossier and an oral presentation («pitch»).

Production funding is awarded as supplementary funding («Matching Grant»). The awarding of a grant is conditional on applicants either funding the project themselves or securing third-party funding (e.g. private investment, crowdfunding campaign, publishing agreement, co-production agreement). Working hours are not accepted as self-funding.

Maximum funding: Pro Helvetia matches the amount of self-funding or third-party funding (up to CHF 50,000)

Composition of application dossier (in English)
Completed application form together with the following:

  1. Vertical slice & prototype
  2. Project trailer (max. 2 minutes)
  3. Project description (single PDF file, max. 25 pages), consisting of
    • Visuals
    • Track record of key staff and long-term studio strategy
  4. Business plan including budget and financing plan (form to be completed on myprohelvetia.ch), project production and commercialisation plan, market positioning (including target group analysis, pricing, user involvement, etc.), communication and distribution strategy
  5. Written proof of own funds or third-party financing, or that money is available for payment (loan available for drawing) and that the funds will be used for the production phase. Such proof can be:
    • a signed agreement or an up-to-date statement of account
    • a signed document guaranteeing that the applicant will invest the amount in question in the production

Pitching session before the jury (online)
Applicants whose projects meet the formal criteria will be invited to present their projects before the expert jury (7-minute pitch and 7 minutes of questions).

6.3 Post-production funding

Pro Helvetia supports marketing activities for or the transfer to other platforms of a completed project. Funding is awarded based on an advanced prototype and a description of the planned distribution strategy.

Maximum funding: CHF 20,000.

Composition of application dossier (in English)
Completed application form together with the following:

  1. Current playable version of the project
  2. Project trailer (max. 2 minutes)
  3. Dissemination strategy (single PDF file, max. 15 A4 pages) including
    • Description of dissemination strategy
    • Current sales/download figures
    • Price expectations (target price)
    • Reviews
    • Studio’s track record
  4. Budget and complete financing plan (downloadable form available on myprohelvetia.ch)


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