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Factsheet: Folk Theatre Projects

Pro Helvetia can award project grants in the field of folk theatre for  

  • projects that are produced in Switzerland
  • cooperation projects between Swiss folk theatre societies and professional theatre groups
  • platforms of nationwide importance (biennials, festivals, conferences etc.) that feature theatre groups from different parts of the country.

To qualify for support, folk theatre projects must meet the following criteria: 

  • The projects are of cross-regional importance. For folk theatre, this means projects whose appeal is not limited to any one region and that are marked by the high relevance of their subject matter and manner of execution.
  • The projects must be realised with professional direction by an artistic director or team that have a proven track record in folk theatre.
  • At least ten public performances must be guaranteed.

Pro Helvetia focuses its support for folk theatre on projects that stand out through 

  • innovation in folk theatre.
    This is the case if a project breaks new ground with regard to topic, concept, stage production or the involvement of lay practitioners.
  • innovative artistic representation of traditional themes.
    This is the case if a project ventures an unconventional approach to significant traditional motifs, historic events or traditional customs.
  • world premieres of commissioned works by professional authors or collectively developed plays
  • a primary focus on artistic quality rather than commercial success.