Our Offices Abroad

Independent Experts

The Secretariat receives advice from independent experts, who complement the Committee of Experts and serve as members on a number of juries. Pro Helvetia’s Board of Trustees elects the independent experts for a term of four years. They may be re-elected once.

Visual arts

Didier Rittener

Boris Magrini
Curator, Zurich

Sabine Himmelsbach
Art historian
Art director, House of Electronic Arts, Basel


Valérie Jomini


Frédéric Dedelley
Designer, Zurich

Anita Moser

Adrien Rovero
Industrial Designer, Renens


Ulrike Meyer Stump
Photography historian, Collegium Helveticum, Zurich

Pierre Fantys
Former professor at the ECAL, Lausanne

Luciano Rigolini
Photographer and artist, Lugano

Classical music

Isabelle Mili
Lecturer in music education, University of Geneva


Nicolas Julliard
Musician and journalist, Geneva

Music Theatre Productions

Laura Berman
Dramatic advisor, curator, director of opera, Theater Basel

Folk music

Johannes Rühl
Senior Research Associate in music pedagogy, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Artistic Director, Festival Alpentöne, Altdorf

Literature, German-speaking Switzerland

Martin Zingg
Literary critic, journalist and writer, Basel

Literature, French-speaking Switzerland

Isabelle Rüf
Literary critic, Lausanne

Literature, Italian-speaking Switzerland

Fabio Pusterla
Author and literary translator, Lugano

Rhaeto-Romanic literature

Rico Valär
Specialist for Romance languages and literature, Zurich/Zuoz


Jürgen Jakob Becker
Director, Deutscher Übersetzungsfond
Programme director, Literary Colloquium Berlin (replacement for Corina Caduff until August 2017)

Theatre, Italian-speaking Switzerland

Giorgio Thoeni
Journalist and theater critic, Purasca

Folk theatre

Barbara Schlumpf
Stage director, Uznach

Contemporary theatre

Eva-Maria Bertschy
Dramatic advisor, Konzert Theater Bern

Contemporary circus

Sandro Lunin
Artistic director Theaterspektakel Zurich


Anne Davier
Artistic advisor, editor-in-chief, Association pour la danse contemporaine, Geneva

Folk dance

Renaud Albasini
Expert in the field of folk dance
Artistic director, Festival international folklorique d’Octodure, Riddes

Computer games

Marc Bodmer
Journalist, Zurich

Interactive digital media

Erinrose Sullivan
Marketing consultant, Aubonne

Cultural studies

Thomas Antonietti
Conservator, Musée d'histoire du Valais, Sion and Lötschtaler Museum, Kippel

Cultural outreach

Franziska Dürr
Head of cultural outreach, Kunsthaus Aargau
Director of the Art Education course, Kuverum

Offices Abroad

Elvira Dyangani Ose
Lecturer, Department of Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths University of London
responsible for: Southern Africa

Leïla el-Wakil
Associate professor, History of architecture and urbanism, University Geneva
responsible for: Arab region

Waseem Hussain
Project Manager International Relations, Lecturer, Paffhausen
responsible for: India/south-east Asia

Michael Vonplon
Cultural Manager, Zurich
responsible for: China