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«Extra Europa Schweiz» is an exchange and cooperation programme between the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and Linz, European Capital of Culture 2009. In cooperation with partners and event organisers, Pro Helvetia presents Swiss contemporary art and culture whilst creating sustainable networks with Linz and Upper Austria. «Extra Europa Schweiz» is part of the Linz09 «Extra Europa» programme.

Under the name «Extra Europa», Linz, Capital of Culture 2009, opens up a window for three non-member states of the European Union: Switzerland, Norway and Turkey. «Extra Europa» pursues the question of different cultural identities.

What is Europe? Where does Europe start and where does it end? What are the reasons for not becoming members of the European Union? What cultural tendencies are particularly relevant? What are the cultural and political concerns of such countries?

The Extra Europa Symposium, that will take place from 19 to 21 March 2009, will address these questions and will form the start of the Extra Europa Festival, (19 March to 30 April 2009), with its comprehensive, cross-genre art and cultural programme from Norway, Turkey, Switzerland and Austria. Co-productions between the three EU non-member states and institutions in Linz will be complemented by guest performances and touring plays. A selection of these joint productions will also be shown in Switzerland during and after the Extra Europa programme in Linz.

Diversity and differences
A culturally composite Switzerland will be presented. Switzerland has always been a place for exchange – both at home and abroad. Performances from the disciplines of music, film, visual art, literature, theatre and dance will exemplify that a national culture draws its wealth from dialogue, differences and exchange.

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