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Gallerie 57/34.6 km

Train tracks

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Culture accompanying the NEAT tunnel construction sites

«Gallerie 57/34.6 km» lasted from 2001 to 2007. The programme promoted artistic projects stimulated and inspired by the NEAT tunnel project. It also encouraged exchanges of experience between Switzerland’s four linguistic regions, encounters between locals and construction workers, and cultural exchange with the workers’ countries of origin.

Numerous cultural events broached the issues of tunnel construction, working underground, the impact of new transit openings, social change, people from different cultures living and working together, and unlimited mobility. «Gallerie 57/34.6 km» itself became a sort of construction site with a variety of partners contributing building blocks in the form of ideas, projects and assignments. Projects from all major arts disciplines were realised in the course of the programme’s six-year history.

«Gallerie 57/34.6 km» contributed by:

  • accompanying locally initiated socio-cultural projects with its “Kulturmobil” (arts bus)
  • co-financing arts and cultural projects upon request
  • planning and realising projects of its own
  • co-producing cultural events

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