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Swiss Roots – Cultural Offshoots

Swiss Roots – Cultural Offshoots

Under the title «Swiss Roots – Cultural Offshoots», Pro Helvetia has organized a cultural program in a number of American cities as an invitation to discover cosmopolitan Switzerland. The program was part of the «Swiss Roots» campaign, in the context of which over one million Americans with Swiss roots are invited to discover the country of their origins.

Swiss artists today show a refreshing lack of restraint in coming to terms with their cultural roots and using them as the basis for bold, uninhibited new creations and interdisciplinary encounters. A delight in experimentation coupled with typically Swiss qualities – sensible, persevering, graciously stubborn – produce an inimitable creative mixture. The cultural program offered contemporary highlights in music, film, architecture and visual arts, revealing the cosmopolitan and playful side of Switzerland to the American public.




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