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Tiziana Conte, Canton of Ticino

Muriel Constantin, Canton of Valais

Benedetta Sevi, Region of Lombardy

Lisa Pedicino, Pro Helvetia

With our «Viavai – Contrabbando culturale Svizzera-Lombardia» programme running from 2013 to 2015, we initiated closer cooperation between cultural practitioners in the border regions between Italy and Switzerland. In Lombardy, Ticino, Valais, Val Poschiavo and along the Gotthard route up to Zurich, 18 bi-national projects were carried out, offering audiences a total of 160 cultural events across the entire range of arts disciplines.

What was set in motion by «Viavai» is intended to continue. The partners involved in the programme are planning to intensify the cultural dialogue between Switzerland and Lombardy. In the course of 2016, a work group with representatives of the institutions that participated in «Viavai» will be looking at various forms of cultural links to find out which can best lead to sustainable collaboration between the regions concerned.

Website Viavai


BudgetCHF 1,45 millionen
PeriodAutumn 2014 to autumn 2015



18 binationale projects covering all disciplines


Various locations in Switzerland and Lombardy


  • Canton of Ticino
  • Canton of Valais
  • City of Zurich
  • Ernst Göhner Stiftung

The cultural exchange is held under the patronage of the Region of Lombardy and the City of Milano.

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