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Pro Helvetia promotes professional, contemporary and future-oriented transdisciplinary work from Switzerland with a view to ensuring its diversity as well as its national and international reach. It supports the emergence of new transdisciplinary projects, the dissemination of Swiss artistic and cultural creation outside Switzerland as well as cultural exchange within Switzerland and worldwide. Transdisciplinarity is a cornerstone of innovation. Pro Helvetia defines transdisciplinarity as cooperation between persons from at least three disciplines (of which at least one must be outside the arts). At the same time, Pro Helvetia adopts various measures to promote greater diversity and equal opportunities in the cultural sector. As a national foundation, Pro Helvetia only supports projects of cross-regional or international significance and supplements the promotional activities of Switzerland’s cantons and cities.

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The guidelines for applicants set out the procedure for submitting a funding application in the area of innovation and society to the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. They also explain the assessment criteria, procedures, deadlines and appeals process.

Guidelines for Applicants: Innovation & Society

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For information on additional formats that can be submitted on an ongoing basis, please refer to the guidelines.



Seraina Rohrer
Head of Innovation & Society Sector

Gianna Conrad
Innovation & Society Specialist

Thibault Genton
Performing Arts Specialist
Innovation & Society Specialist

Lisa Pedicino
Innovation & Society Specialist

Ariane Rippstein
Innovation & Society Specialist

Leonie Thalmann
Innovation & Society Specialist (out of office, deputy Ariane Rippstein)