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Interdisciplinary Projects

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Funding & Support

Many cultural projects can be clearly attributed to a certain arts discipline. Others span more than one discipline, but are assessed by the specialists of the established art forms. Musical theatre productions, for example, are evaluated by specialists of the Music and Theatre departments. Circus productions are allocated to Dance and Theatre, and media art projects to the Visual Arts. However, there are also projects that put into question or transcend boundaries between traditional disciplines or combine them in new ways, and therefore fail to qualify for Pro Helvetia’s established tools of promotion. To ensure that they don’t miss out completely, Pro Helvetia has set up a special category in which support for interdisciplinary projects can be applied for.

Productions are understood to be interdisciplinary if they integrate several disciplines in their concept, particularly through the use of new media and technologies. As a rule, at least three of the disciplines promoted by Pro Helvetia should be integrated. The projects submitted are assessed by means of exchange among specialists from the departments of the disciplines involved.

Our activities include the provision of work grants for interdisciplinary productions and contributions towards tours and guest performances in Switzerland and abroad. Within Switzerland, an important criterion is whether or not a project is taken beyond its linguistic region of origin. We also grant contributions towards participation in festivals worldwide that are organised on an interdisciplinary basis and include a special focus on Switzerland.


Andreas Moos
Head of Funding and Cultural Promotion


Milena Pellegrini
Interdisciplinary projects (until 31.12.18)


Tobias Rothfahl
Interdisciplinary projects & work grants


Eva Stensrud
Interdisciplinary projects and «performing arts cooperation projects in Europe»