Our Offices & Partners Abroad


Pro Helvetia nominates juries to assess applications for work grants. They consist of members of Pro Helvetia’s Committee of Experts and of independent experts from the disciplines concerned.

Juries assessing projects submitted in connection with the Arts Council’s own initiatives may include further specialists from the associated fields.


Work grants comics

Jana Jakoubek
Sébastien Maret

Work grants dance & theatre

Marynelle Debétaz
Véronique Ferrero Delacoste
Ute Haferburg
Catja Loepfe

Work grants interdisciplinary projects

Madeleine Amsler
Véronique Ferrero Delacoste
Marie-Anne Jancik
Gordan Savicic
Philipp Theisohn

Work grants literature

Cristina Foglia | Italian
Thomas Hunkeler | French, President of the Committee of Experts
Anne Pitteloud | French
Isabelle Rüf | French
Christiane Schmidt | German
Philipp Theisohn | German
Lorenzo Tomasin | Italian
Rico Valär | Romansh
Martin Zingg | German

Work grants music

Theresa Beyer
Claire Brawand
Peter Kraut
Stéphanie-Aloysia Moretti
Roderic Mounir

Work grants music theatre productions

Claire Brawand
Marynelle Debétaz
Ute Haferburg
Peter Kraut

Work grants visual arts

Madeleine Amsler
Cathérine Hug
Laurence Schmidlin

Collection Cahiers d’Artistes

Fanni Fetzer
Luca Frei
Samuel Leuenberger
Denis Pernet


Damon Bonser
Matali Crasset
Frédéric Dedelley
Chantal Prod’Hom
Cristina Riesen
Renato di Rubbo
Lilla Wicki

High priority jazz promotion

Enrico Bettinello
Antoine Bos
Stéphanie-Aloysia Moretti
Martel Ollerenshaw

Interactive Media

Lauren Cason 
Anouk Summermatter 
Marc Bodmer 
Erinrose Sullivan 
Kelly Vero 

Venice Biennials

Biennale Arte 2019

Laurence Bonvin
Balthazar Lovay
Michele Robecchi
Jacqueline Uhlmann
Christina Végh

Biennale Architettura 2021

Céline Guibat
Anna Hohler
Verena Konrad
Lukas Meyer
Rob Wilson

Biennale ARte 2022

Laurence Bonvin
Riccardo Lisi
Federica Martini
Yvette Mutumba
Rein Wolfs