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Passages Nr. 49: Chinas Cultural Scene

Passages Nr. 49

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Caught between traditional values and booming expansion, the clash of an ancient legacy with modern times in China is more glaring than ever. In the span of one single generation, a land of rice farmers has become a factory supplying the entire globe. Among these superlatives, the Chinese independent cultural scene is seeking its place in the world, decades after the Cultural Revolution and in the midst of economic reforms.

In “China’s Cultural Scene”, the current issue of Passages, authors from both East and West ask how Chinese culture is faring, between the Scylla of censorship and the Charybdis of consumerism, and how a cultural exchange between Switzerland and China may be facilitated.

Read articles on China’s independent documentary film scene and current trends in Chinese contemporary art, as well as a chronicle of the rise of rock and pop music in the Kingdom of the Middle. And discover the visual universe of the Ta Men artists’ collective and the photographer duo Li Yu and Liu Bo, whose work casts a critical eye on everyday life in China.