Offices abroad

Pro Helvetia maintains an international presence through its offices abroad. The teams at these offices link up the Swiss arts scene with the local cultural scene and with the public in their region.

Pro Helvetia Cairo

  • Dalia Dawoud
    Head Liaison Office Cairo
  • Mariam Abdalla
    Communication Manager
  • Abdelrahman Ashraf Ahmed Beshir
    Office assistant
  • Reem Hatem
    Programme Manager
  • Malak Makar
    Programme Manager
  • Nihal Omar
    Finance & Administration Manager

Pro Helvetia Johannesburg

  • Joseph Gaylard
    Head Liaison Office Johannesburg
  • Derin Ajao
    Programme Manager (West/Central Africa)
  • Kampire Bahana
    Programme Manager (East Africa)
  • Germaine Gamiet
    Programme Manager (Southern Africa)
  • Layla Leiman
    Communication Manager
  • Tiffany Mentoor
    Grants Manager
  • Pinky Mthembu
    Finance & Administration Manager

Pro Helvetia Moscow

  • Elena Perova
    Head Liaison Office Moscow ad interim
    Finance and Administration Manager
  • Valentina Anufrieva
    Programme Manager – Contemporary Art and Culture
  • Maria Karmanovskaya
    Programme Manager – Performing Arts & Literature
  • Natalia Ruchkina
    Programme Manager – Music and Residencies

Pro Helvetia New Delhi

  • Sadaf Raza
    Interim Head Liaison Office New Delhi
    Programme Manager – Region
  • Saloni Anand
    Office Administration Manager
  • Chitra Kalyani
    Communication Manager
  • Aman Kaur
    Programme Manager – India
  • Lalit Singh Katariya
    Finance Manager

Pro Helvetia Shanghai

  • Lucy Yuxi Lu
    Head Liaison Office Shanghai
  • Sophie Jundi Fan
    Programme Manager
  • Cathy Fu
    Administration & Residencies Manager
  • Miao Jiang
    Communication & Programme Manager
  • Jasmine Yi Qin
    Finance Manager

Pro Helvetia South America

  • María (Angie) Vial
    Head Liaison Office South America
  • Malu Barsanelli
    Communications Manager
  • Ariel Charec
    Programme Manager
  • Laura Derpic
    Programme Manager
  • Carolina Gallardo
    Finance & Administration Manager
  • Santiago Gardeazábal
    Programme Manager
  • João Paulo Quintella
    Programme Manager

Centre culturel suisse Paris

  • Jean-Marc Diébold
  • Lola Besrest
  • Emmanuelle Brom
  • Laetitia Favret
    Régie générale
  • Claire Hoffmann
    Programmation arts visuels
  • Illescas Margaux
  • Dominique Martin