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Diversity and Equality

We are committed to diversity and equality in the cultural sector. We support cultural institutions in the development of diversity-oriented processes, promote knowledge transfer and provide practice-oriented guidelines for the cultural sector. We also support the collection and dissemination of data and facts on diversity in the Swiss cultural sector. In the disciplines, we actively support greater visibility and networking for artists and improving work and family balance.

Support for Diversity and Equality

Who are our formats directed to?

Our funding programmes are aimed at Swiss cultural institutions and organisations in all disciplines supported by Pro Helvetia.

What are our funding activities?

  • Workshop on diversity processes in the cultural sector
  • Process support by diversity experts
  • Events and development of tools for the Swiss cultural sector
  • Specific funding activities in the disciplines
  • Gender monitoring in cultural institutions

Tools & Links

Information event on the calls for applications for Diversity: Process support (in German and French)

Miriam Camara – Diversity-oriented organisational development in art and cultural organisations

Subtitled in German, French, Italian and English

Ivana Pilić – Culture-oriented openings in migrant societies

Subtitled in German, French, Italian and English

Frequently asked questions

How does Pro Helvetia define diversity and equality?

The term diversity highlights the recognition of commonalities and differences between people. The focus is on historically developed differentiations within society that have led to social inequality and which relate to various different dimensions, such as origin, gender, age, language, social position, way of life, religious, ideological, or political convictions, or because of a physical, mental or psychological disability (see the Swiss Federal Constitution, Art. 8).

Equality means equal participation and involvement in cultural, political, economic and social life irrespective of one’s gender, origin or other social differences. Equitable access means that everyone has the same initial opportunities and that everyone has an equal chance of taking advantage of them. Equality-focused work therefore prioritises the dismantling of structural barriers and discrimination.

What is a diversity process and what is its purpose?

Diversity processes are approaches to long-term transformations of institutions and organisations with regard to diversity. The goal of diversity processes is to dismantle structural discrimination and the barriers that resulted from it. In the cultural sector, the focus lies on the long-term diversification of the three Ps:

  • Personnel (Who is working in the cultural sector?)
  • Programmes (What’s on offer? Who is being supported?)
  • Public (What audiences have access to the offerings?)

In this context, Pro Helvetia primarily supports the collaboration between diversity experts and cultural organisations who support their diversity processes and advise them in the development of targets and measures.

I am an artist and would like to submit an application for my artistic project that addresses feminist issues. Am I in the right place with Diversity and Equality?

For support for artistic projects, you can apply through the funding programmes of Pro Helvetia’s disciplines. In the context of process support and knowledge transfer in the area of diversity and equality, we exclusively support structural changes in cultural institutions and organisations.

I am an event organiser for an international music festival that exclusively features artists from marginalised groups and would like to submit an application to Pro Helvetia. Is that possible?

Applications from event-organising institutions that are planning a music festival are accepted by the Music division. If you wish to organise a discourse-focused event (e.g. workshop, talk series) with musicians and diversity experts on structural exclusion in the music industry, you can apply to the «Diversity and equality event and/or tools» funding programme.

I have been interested in diversity issues for many years and have read a lot of specialist literature. Is my diversity expertise sufficient to submit an application to Pro Helvetia?

Diversity experts are not eligible to apply. A cultural institution or organisation must nominate you as a diversity expert in the context of their application. If you have actively supported diversity processes in the cultural sector for at least two years, you can be added to our list of coaches. The list is updated once a year. If interested, please contact us.

I would like to submit a mediation project that deals with diversity issues and integrates targeted awareness-raising initiatives. Am I in the right place with Diversity and Equality?

In the context of diversity and equality, contributions to specific awareness-raising initiatives related to diversity issues are not considered. Furthermore, neither the conception nor implementation of mediation projects is supported. Pro Helvetia supports mediation projects through the «Critical Reflection» programme.

As a private foundation that annually awards a diversity award, we would like to organise a panel with artists. Can we submit an application to Diversity and Equality?

Projects related to prizes and awards and the associated events are not eligible for support.

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