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Who are our formats directed to?

We support artistic creation, dissemination and promotion in the literary genres fiction, poetry, drama, children’s and youth literature, literary translation, spoken word and comics.

Our support is aimed at literary professionals, which includes both natural persons and legal entities that are artistically active as creatives and/or performers. Alongside this, we direct our support at publishers with professional structures and cross-regional appeal and at event organisers with national and/or international curated programmes spanning several years and with cross-regional appeal.

What are our funding activities?

  • Platform presences, Swiss focal points and Swiss participation in international book fairs
  • International and national mobility of Swiss literary professionals and translators, and of exhibitions (literature and comics)
  • Translations of Swiss contemporary literature and grants to translators for the creation of samples and promotional dossiers
  • Promotional activities within Switzerland and internationally
  • Networking events
  • Creation grants
  • Literary translation grants for Swiss translators
  • Discursive publications
  • Translation workshops
  • Research contributions
  • Residencies and research trips
  • Pro Helvetia works with partner institutions to support specific programmes for emerging authors and translators
  • Pro Helvetia is part of the TRADUKI translation network
  • Pro Helvetia is a partner of the New Books in German promotional platform
  • Pro Helvetia is a partner of the Shoot the Book! adaptation platform at the Cannes International Film Festival

Translate Swiss Books

Translate Swiss Books is an English-language scheme designed to disseminate Swiss literature on a national and international level. It showcases a non-exhaustive selection of recently published books in all languages that could be translated with support from the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.


Frequently asked questions

I live in Switzerland but I’m not a Swiss citizen. Can I apply for support?

Yes, if you reside in Switzerland and are active in the Swiss literary scene. This is the case if you can demonstrate cross-regional activities in the form of readings and other appearances and/or a cross-regional media presence.

What does ‘contemporary literature’ encompass?

We use the term ‘contemporary literature’ to refer to literature by literary professionals who are currently artistically active.

What does ‘of importance throughout Switzerland’ mean?

We say that an event is of importance throughout Switzerland if the programme includes items from more than one language region and the event has a national appeal, for instance. Authors’ cross-regional presence in the literary scene is decisive in terms of the support they receive.

Where can I find in-depth information on submitting an application?

All the key information on the support we offer may be found under Find support.

Is support available for non-fiction works and translations of these books?

No, with the exception of discursive publications.

Is support provided for international translations of works by non-contemporary Swiss authors?

No, support is not usually granted in these cases. If there are exceptional grounds to do so, support can be provided for texts by recently deceased Swiss authors and for the first translation of a 20th-century author in a particular language region and/or at a publishing house that has not previously published any Swiss literature.

In addition, translators from Switzerland can apply for a literary translation grant.

Can I apply for support for printing costs?

No. We do not contribute towards printing costs.

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