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Who are our formats directed to?

We support the creation of present-day, professional music as well as the dissemination and promotion thereof.

Our support is aimed both at professional artists as well as event organisers, such as festivals, that present Swiss music.

What are our funding activities?

  • Presence at professional platforms, swiss focal points outside of Switzerland
  • International tours and performances
  • Promotional measures within Switzerland and abroad
  • New musical works as well as the production of recordings
  • International performances of works by contemporary composers from Switzerland
  • Presence of musicians from other Swiss language regions and/or of new works at festivals and events of cross-regional significance
  • Networking and development tools
  • Residencies and research trips
  • Programmes for emerging artists in collaboration with partner institutions
  • Pro Helvetia and FONDATION SUISA run the platform SWISS MUSIC
  • Pro Helvetia and other funding institutions support Swiss Music Export
  • Pro Helvetia and international funding institutions support the Impuls neue Musik fund
  • Pro Helvetia supports the Liveeurope network for emerging artists

Frequently asked questions

Does Pro Helvetia support tours in Switzerland?

No, but performances in other language regions can be supported if they take place at key festivals and events. In this case the application must be submitted by the event organisers.

How does Pro Helvetia define present-day music?

By present-day music we mean the music of creators who are artistically active. Musical heritage projects and projects with historical repertoire are not supported.

Does Pro Helvetia also support performances by Swiss musicians abroad if no present-day music by Swiss creators is played?

No. We only support present-day Swiss music. Projects with no connection to present-day Swiss music (e.g. with historical repertoire or with works by composers from countries other than Switzerland) are not supported.

I’m a student in Switzerland. Can I apply for a scholarship from Pro Helvetia?

No. We do not award scholarships. Our support is aimed at professional artists who have completed their education.

Can I submit the same project to multiple funding measures at once?

No. You need to opt for a specific funding measure when submitting your application.

My project is a music theatre/sound installation/audiovisual work/musical work of an interdisciplinary nature. Where do I submit my application?

We support scenic, installative and performative musical productions with the ‘Scenic and installative music project’ funding initiative.

I live in Switzerland but I’m not a Swiss citizen. Can I apply for support?

Yes. We support artists within Switzerland regardless of their nationality, provided they are rooted in the scene and have a regular presence at relevant events.

I’m Swiss but I live abroad. Can I apply for support?

We support artists whose work is primarily based in Switzerland. If you live abroad, you need to be able to prove that you are part of the Swiss scene (e.g. by regularly working in Switzerland, appearing in various regions of Switzerland and being recognised as a Swiss artist).

What does cross-regional significance mean?

We consider an event to be of cross-regional significance if its programme represents the Swiss music scene in a relevent way and if the event has a national appeal.

In order for us to promote musicians, they must have a cross-regional presence in the music scene. This is the case if they are regularly programmed by recognised events and festivals in other regions of Switzerland or abroad.

Does Pro Helvetia support the purchase of instruments?

No. We generally do not support purchases, investment contributions or operating costs.

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