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Performing Arts

Who are our formats directed to?

We support all forms of the performing arts, such as dance, theatre, music theatre, contemporary circus or performances in public spaces.

Our funding measures are aimed at professional artists, which includes independent companies as well as institutions.

What are our funding activities?

  • Platform presences and Swiss focuses abroad
  • Guest performances in the respective other language regions of Switzerland and abroad, plus translations, surtiteling and resumed rehearsals
  • Promotional activities within Switzerland and abroad
  • Networking and development tools
  • Production and research grants
  • Residencies and research trips
  • Programmes for emerging artists, in collaboration with partner institutions

Swiss Performing
Arts Selection

Swiss Performing Arts Selection is an English-language website showcasing a selection of companies and artists from Switzerland who regularly tour internationally and have received Pro Helvetia’s financial support for this purpose.


Frequently asked questions

I live in Switzerland but I’m not a Swiss citizen. Can I apply for support?

Yes. We support artists who work in Switzerland regardless of their nationality, provided they are active in the Swiss cultural scene.

I’m Swiss but live abroad. Can I apply for support? 

We support artists and companies whose professional practice is based in Switzerland. If you live abroad, you need to be able to prove that you are part of the scene in Switzerland (by regularly working in Switzerland, performing in various regions of Switzerland, receiving funding from Switzerland and being considered a Swiss company).

What does ‘of nationwide importance’ mean?

We consider an event to be of nationwide importance if the programme includes positions from more than one language region of Switzerland and the event is of national interest. Regular cross-regional guest performances are decisive in the funding of artists and companies.

Can I apply for support for a tour within the same language region?

No. We only support guest performances in the respective other language regions of Switzerland. Funding for guest performances in Switzerland must be requested by the event organiser.

Can I submit the same project to multiple funding instruments at once?

No. You need to opt for a specific funding instrument when submitting your application.

I’m a student in Switzerland. Can I apply for a scholarship from Pro Helvetia?

No. We do not award scholarships. Our support is aimed at professional artists who have completed their training.

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