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Pro Helvetia is committed to a lively and diverse Swiss theatre scene that also makes a name for itself internationally. We support the creation of new theatre productions, and we promote guest performances of plays and other stage productions in different linguistic regions of Switzerland as well as abroad. In both cases, we help finance translations, for example when surtitles are required. With special promotional tools such as seminars and residencies, we open doors to the world’s stages for up-and-coming young theatre practitioners.

In conjunction with cantons and municipalities, Pro Helvetia provides independent Swiss theatre companies that are frequently on tour with three-year support agreements. This enhances their planning security as well as their flexibility. By backing outreach projects, we engage audiences in personal encounters with contemporary theatre production in Switzerland.

We use our international network to raise awareness of Swiss theatre at events abroad. Support and advice is provided to organisers of international festivals abroad who wish to include a special focus on Switzerland in their programme, and we invite foreign programme managers to Switzerland to view Swiss stage productions. We also participate in important international platforms such as IETM. In 2015, together with CORODIS, we launched our «Sélection suisse en Avignon» programme. And since 2016, we are working on a mobile promotion platform presenting Swiss theatre productions in various regions around the world.

Myriam Prongué
Head Theatre (out of office, deputy Felizitas Ammann)


Myriam Prongué
Head Theatre (out of office, deputy Felizitas Ammann)


Kirsten Barkey
Theatre, German-speaking Switzerland


Anne Maurer
Theatre, French- and Italian-speaking Switzerland