Creative Climate Leadership (CCL) Programme Switzerland – taking action on the climate crisis

Ecology and climate
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Creative Climate Leadership (CCL) is an international transformation programme initiated by the not-for-profit organisation Julie’s Bicycle.

The programme is aimed at artists and cultural professionals, wanting to explore the cultural dimensions of climate change, and take action with impact, creativity and resilience. For the first time, the programme will take place in Switzerland.

During an immersive 5-day residential programme taking place in March 2024, 24 participants will collaborate and develop creative ideas and cultural leadership on climate action and justice. Participants will share case studies, research, approaches and collaborative ways of working to maximise impact in the creative sector, civic society, and policy making.

The alumni join an evolving international network of creatives taking action and mobilising others in their field, through events, workshops, artistic works, and projects. They will become part of a global network of over 200 creative changemakers, working in more than 30 countries.

The 24 participants selected for CCL 2024 are:

Anna Grichting Solder 

Anna is an architect, urbanist and musician and is active as an educator, researcher, practitioner and performer. 

Barbara Ellenberger  

Barbara Ellenberger has been a director at various theatres. She co-founded the KlimaKontor Basel and is involved in the Basel2030 climate justice initiative. 

Bernard Vienat 

Bernard Vienat is an art historian and curator known for emphasizing the intersections of art and science. 

Byungseo Yoo  

Visual artist Byungseo Yoo navigates the shift from wild to social fermentation with Eco-Transpedagogy, creating participatory art focused on planetary concerns. 

Carole Haensler  

Carole Haensler has worked for various private and public collections; she studied art history, archaeology and sociology of art at the universities of Neuchâtel and Lausanne. 

Caroline Edwards  

Caroline Edwards is a founding partner in a boutique music agency and independent record label based in Switzerland which specialises in the alternative genres of folk, traditional, world and experimental music. 

Cassiane Pfund  

Cassiane Pfund is a trained philosopher with an experimental, hybrid and poetic writing practice, primarily guided by unexpected collisions.  

Catja Loepfe  

Catja Loepfe has a degree in social anthropology, she has been a freelance curator and is currently artistic director at Tanzhaus Zurich. 

Daniel Hellmann  

Daniel Hellmann is a dance and theatre maker, singer and performer. Hellmann has been creating pieces which interweave performance, language, music and movement in a multi-layered way. 

Dawit Seto 

Dawit Seto is a contemporary dancer and choreographer. He completed an artist’s residency in choreography at Cité des arts, France & holds a diploma in dance from Ecole des Sables, Senegal. 

Donat Kaufmann   

Donat sings and plays guitar, bass, synth and drums in the bands One Sentence, Supervisor and Obliecht. He also works for the Swiss branch of Music Declares Emergency, an environmental protection organisation from the music industry. 

Dorian Sari 

Dorian Sari observes public reactions to contemporary politics and social movements and create mostly in the form of sculpture and video. Requestioning current affairs and taking measure with their multidisciplinary background, is the main point of their work. 

Jöelle Simmen 

Jöelle Simmen oversees Migros Culture Percentage Sparx, supporting emerging Swiss artists. She leads strategic development and network expansion. 

Léo Rebetez 

Léo Rebetez is a multidisciplinary artist trained in graphic design and illustration. He is also involved with screenprinting, plays music and is a grassroots activist.  

Lisa Collomb 

Lisa Collomb is a transdisciplinarian who works at the intersection of visual art, architecture, performance, programming and philosophy. 

Mateo Chacón Pino 

Mateo Chacón Pino is a Colombian-Swiss art historian, curator and author. He has curated projects in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany. 

Matthias von Hartz  

Matthias von Hartz is a director and curator. Currently he is Co-Director and Artistic Director of the international Zürcher Theater Spektakel. 

Monica Cantieni 

Monica Cantieni is an author, nominated for the Swiss Book Prize. She has also been involved in heading the online culture department at SRF Swiss Radio and Television and founded ALPHABET LAB. 

Nicola Castelletti 

Nicola Casteletti is an architect and museographer. In his work, the architectural redevelopment and the museum narrative are related by the desire to preserve a precious trace of social and cultural history and transform it into the starting point for a reflection on contemporaneity. 

Ntando Cele 

Ntando Cele is a director and theatre maker from South Africa. She has created and staged numerous political and musical comedies since 2012. 

Payal Parekh 

Payal Parekh is a climate scientist turned international climate justice activist mobilising ordinary people to get active on climate justice. 

Sandra Feller 

Sandra Feller is part of the Salzhaus Winterthur team and responsible for ecological and social sustainability. She also works in the areas of booking and communication. 

Tom Greder 

Tom Greder is an independent producer, writer, director, teacher and collaborator for theatre and street productions, contemporary circus, festivals, films and workshops throughout the world. 

Yves Regenass 

Yves Regenass is a freelance theatre maker (dramaturgy, direction, performance). He co-founded the game theatre group machina eX and works regularly with the Ticino group Trickster-P. 

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Post-Its on the climate crisis
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The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia together with Stiftung Mercator Schweiz initiated and funded the Creative Climate Leadership (CCL) Switzerland programme, which will be delivered by Julie’s Bicycle in partnership with Vert le Futur.

More information:

In addition to the residential programme, participants could apply for one of five seed grants between the value of CHF 5.000 – 10.000. 

The seed grants will support the development of the following projects:

  • Friends for Climate Justice – Crafting Toolkits for Culture-based Climate Actions; Byungseo Yoo, Cassiane Pfund, and Léo Rebetez
  • Music Declares Emergency Switzerland – Artist Residency; Caroline Edwards, and Donat Kaufmann
  • Culture & Sustainability Policy Network Switzerland; Dorian Sari, Yves Regenass, and Mateo Chacón Pino
  • The Melt Down; Soya the Cow (Daniel Hellmann)
  • Move; Dawit Seto Gobeze

Find out more about the projects here: