Finta Music Exchange: an empowering programme for emerging artists

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© Tatjana Rüegsegger

Pro Helvetia supports the Finta Music Exchange (FME) programme designed for emerging Swiss FINTA musicians taking their first steps towards the UK. Centered around tailored coaching sessions in London, FME provides the artist’s insights of the music business, as well as opportunities to increase their network in London and during the Great Escape Festival in Brighton.  

FME is an initiative that aims to create a safe space for FINTA artists to enhance their producing and performance skills and to gather important business tools. Taking place in two moments at the beginning of May, the first part focuses on personalised workshops in London, and the second part consists in networking with key figures of the UK music industry in Brighton at The Great Escape.

The programme equips the artists with knowledge and gives them the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the British music industry through coaching, networking and Q&A sessions with professionals such as PR agents, music lawyers, music publishers, record label representatives and production management. For example, all aspects of finding a label or suiting agency are covered – from legalities, to contacting labels, to setting up and running a tour, as well as identifying the best PR agencies. These workshops are designed to meet the specific needs of the artists to help them grow and to also provide them with insights on how to best use a showcase festival to their advantage. 

Artists leave FME with an understanding of which next steps are needed to reach their desired goal and which experts they need to bring on board.

‘The project is inclusive, inspirational and an excellent opportunity for artists to connect with the UK music industry and some key people within it. For a Swiss artist, the UK music industry can be intimidating and difficult to break into. With the FME initiative, they work with a wide range of music industry professionals for mentoring, coaching and general advice on de-mystifying the UK market whilst also making some key new connections.’

Ruth Emery, founder of Yes Please PR

Edition 2024

This edition took place from May 6-14 in London and then from May 15-18 in Brighton. Three artists, whose profile met the programme requirements, received the following personalised coaching sessions.

Anuk Schmelcher 

Larissa Rapold of Malummí

Jasmina Serag of Sirens of Lesbos

© Tatjana Rüegsegger
© Tatjana Rüegsegger
© Tatjana Rüegsegger

Edition 2023

The pilot edition took place from Mai 9-10 in London and then from Mai 11-14 in Brighton. Two emerging artists, whose profile met the programme requirements, received the following personalised coaching sessions. 

Ikan Hyu

  • Producing workshop with Polly Mackey, producer and musician
  • 1-2-1 promo-coaching with Ruth Emery, founder of Yes Please PR 
  • Q&A on promotion and booking with Megan Gray, journalist, host and founder of Vocal Girls 
  • Q&A on networking in the UK music industry with Maria Torres, manager at Mother Artists 

Ikan Hyu performed at The Great Escape 2023. 

‘In general, it was a great introduction to the UK music scene. We got a feel for how it works, what it would mean to play a full tour in the UK and how it differs from the Swiss music scene. Although it will be hard to start playing gigs in a new country, I find the spirit very motivating.’ 

Ikan Hyu

Mel D 

Finta Music Exchange

FME is an initiative aiming to support aspirational Swiss FINTA musicians. It offers tailored coaching sessions and gives insights into the UK music industry. 

FINTA is a German acronym for women, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender people. 

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This latest support towards FME is part of Pro Helvetia’s activities for the promotion of emerging artists as well as the dissemination of the Swiss music scene outside Switzerland. 

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