High priority jazz promotion: Yumi Ito, Sc’ööf and UASSYN

Saxophone on a stage.
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In 2024, Yumi Ito, Sc’ööf and UASSYN are taking part to their last year of the three-year support programme “High priority jazz promotion”. Let’s discover them.

Yumi Ito

Yumi Ito is a Swiss vocalist, composer, producer with Japanese and Polish roots. She lives and works in Basel, regularly performs all around the world and has shared the stage with artists like Al Jarreau, Becca Stevens and Kurt Rosenwinkel. Her work fuses multiple genres including jazz, art pop and neoclassical music. The German radio station SWR2 Jazz named Ito one of its breakout stars of 2020. That same year, Jazz thing magazine crowned Stardust Crystals one of the best albums of 2020. She currently performs as part of a trio, alongside “poet-percussionist” Iago Fernández and double bassist Nadav Erlich, and as part of a duo with guitarist Szymon Mika.



Yumi Ito

Yumi Ito & Szymon Mika

Stardust Crystals
Yumi Ito Orchestra

Yumi Ito & Yves Theiler

Yumi Ito w/ Yves Theiler, Gabriel Dalvit, Yuri Goloubev


Sc’ööf is an experimental band that has formed its own radical sonic language, which is at once refreshingly adventurous and in-your-face. A strong affection for captivatingly odd grooves and an excessive live energy makes Sc’ööf an exciting bag of surprises.

Their contemplative attitude and their joy for fundamental research is strongly audible in their music and their creative process. Extending this attitude to the questions of social resonance and cultural relevance, the members of Sc’ööf – Amadeus Fries [drums], Christian Zemp [guitar], Elio Amberg [Sax], Noah Arnold [Sax] – have acted as a driving force to form «Club Dänemark» which acts at once as a collective think tank, transdisciplinary event organizer and record label.



CDR003SA (2022)

Weaving Elephants (2020)

Kreidenfels (2017)


UASSYN has always had a strong shared identity. After lengthy discussions conducted on worn down kerbstones, over plates of pierogi in Polish service stations, during street art sessions in downtown Zurich and extensive touring around Europe, Silvan Jeger (double bass), Vincent Glanzmann (drums) and Tapiwa Svosve (saxophone) released their long-awaited debut album ZACHARYA. It was issued on Double Moon Records, as part of the label’s «Next Generation» series which it jointly curates with Jazz thing magazine.

UASSYN wants to grow together, as a group and with the people who surround the trio and cross its path. They see themselves less as a hermetically sealed group and more as a social construct. Through organic collaborations, friends and like-minded people from all walks of life become an integral part of UASSYNS’s self-image and the band encourages them to see themselves as an essential element of this construct.


Discography: ZACHARYA (2021)

Supported bands/artists

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Yumi Ito

2021 – 2023



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2006 2008

Pago Libre

Since 2005, Pro Helvetia fosteres with its three-year support programme selected young Swiss jazz bands that have already gained transregional acclaim, have undertaken international concert tours, and whose goal it is to enhance their presence in the international scene. The programme includes financial contributions towards tours, coaching offers and assistance in publicity matters.

After evaluation, this support programme will be ended in December 2024. Applications are therefore closed.