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The SWISS MUSIC playlists take you on a journey of discovery through Switzerland’s musical landscape. You will find that it is creative, varied and free of all constraints.


Compiled by Roberto Haçaturyan, music specialist at artlink, this playlist is an exploratory tour across the Global Music scene of Switzerland, where Swiss folk music meets Balkan rhythms and punk encounters Peruvian chicha.  

To get started, Roberto Haçaturyan highlighted three songs:

OY – Place des Clichés

“The duo OY mesmerizes listeners with their enchanting narratives and captivating beats, pushing the boundaries of music and venturing into uncharted realms.

Their track Place des Clichés not only showcases their talent but also serves as a poignant reflection of societal concerns.”

El Mizan – Chaklak

The band draws upon the ancestral melodies, seamlessly bridging the gap between past and present.

Their opus Chaklak is an electrifying ballad that boasts graceful vocal harmonies, delivered in the evocative tones of Darija, the dialect of the Maghreb region.”

Yillian Cañizares – Bembé

“Always staying true to her origins, Yilian Cañizares skillfully blends jazz, classical and Afro-Cuban rhythms with her sonorous voice.

Bembé is the second single of her new album Habana-Bahia, that pays homage to the intertwined cultures of Cuba and Brazil, both heavily influenced by African roots that manifest in their music styles.”


Compiled by Lukas Frei, musician, arts manager and member of SONART’s steering committee, this playlist is a glimpse onto the top shelf of current Swiss jazz.

To get started, Lukas Frei selected the following three songs:

Elina Duni – Hape Derën

“Known for her fusion of diverse influences from her Balkan and jazz musical roots, Elina Duni effortlessly sings in multiple languages with her distinctive voice.

Hape Derën invites you into Duni’s world with simultaneously a simple and catchy melody, cleverly arranged and orchestrated.”

Andreas Schaerer – Evolution

“From solo programs to orchestral works, singer and composer Andreas Schaerer has proven to the jazz world like no other what is possible with the human voice.

With Evolution, he reflects on the essence of the voice and creates in a trio a new musical universe dedicated to songs.”

Sarah Chaksad – Love Letters

“Swiss composer and saxophonist Sarah Chaksad has been attracting attention in the European jazz scene for over ten years with her works for larger ensembles.

The composition Love Letters shows not only her love for enchanting melodies, but also her excellent sense for the orchestral sounds.”

SWISS MUSIC is a promotional programme initiated by FONDATION SUISA and Pro Helvetia, supporting and highlighting Switzerland’s music sector at various international events.

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