Partnership with Liveurope to support emerging Swiss musicians

The Swiss artist Nnavy on stage in front of packed public.
NNavy, 24.06.2023, Docks, Lausanne (CH) © Thomas Ebert

In a new collaboration, Pro Helvetia and Liveurope strengthen the connection between the Swiss and European music scene. With this partnership, the Swiss venue Docks in Lausanne integrates the Liveurope platform.

The partnership aims to create new opportunities for emerging Swiss acts to perform in some of the most iconic European concert venues, enhancing their international exposure and connecting them with new audiences.

“Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland boasts a remarkably diverse cultural landscape and is home to many promising artists. It’s a strategic market for us at Liveurope, and we are thrilled to be able to tighten our connections with the Swiss music scene through our collaboration with Pro Helvetia”

Elise Phamgia, Liveurope coordinator

Building on the success of the Liveurope bonus mechanism, 23 music venues will receive financial incentives when booking emerging Swiss artists. These bonuses serve as both an incentive and a safety net, mitigating the financial risks of booking emerging non-national artists.

“Europe remains the first and most important export market for Swiss artists. As the Swiss Arts Council, it’s vital for us to be able to promote exchanges, create networks and seize opportunities for the emerging Swiss music scene, which is particularly rich and innovative now. Liveurope is a proven platform through which we believe we can consolidate together the essential links between artists and clubs in a sustainable way.”

Dominique Rovini, Head of Music at Pro Helvetia

Liveurope to integrate a Swiss member venue: Docks

As a full Liveurope member, the Docks gains access to all of the platform’s activities, including financial support for booking emerging non-Swiss artists. Acting as an ambassador for the Swiss music scene within the network, the venue plays a pivotal role in pushing the next generation of Swiss acts onto the international stage.

Docks (Lausanne, VD)
Docks is a venue dedicated to present-day music, where you can listen to major international and Swiss artists, as well as discover new upcomers. One of the things that make the venue most unique is its inviting ambiance which allows bands of all genres and sizes to get up close and personal with the fans. The versatility of the venue, capable of adapting its main hall to host from 200 to 1000 people, makes the Docks a perfect spot for hosting productions of all sizes.

Established: 2005 / Capacity: 1000

Liveurope is a pan-European initiative supporting concert venues in their efforts to promote European music diversity. Their key mission is to give incentives to concert venues to promote the circulation of emerging European artists through a bonus mechanism and a European quality label. Established in 2014 with the co-funding of the Creative Europe programme of the EU, the platform is the first initiative of its kind in Europe.

This latest collaboration with Liveurope is part of Pro Helvetia’s activities for the support of emerging artists as well as the dissemination and promotion of the Swiss music scene outside Switzerland.

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