Push It: selected projects spring 2024

© Flora Mottini

Part of our new support measures in the music field for the promotion of emerging artists, Push It granted a support to 4 projects in spring 2024.

Push It is a measure intended to music labels/management structures, based in Switzerland, that support emerging musicians/bands from Switzerland in their artistic development and promotion on a national and international level. It can consist for example in:

  • Strengthening of professional networking (participation in platforms, exchange with experienced artists and professionals on a national and international level)
  • Planning and implementation of a national and international promotion strategy (including the development of communication tools)
  • Artistic mentoring

The applications must be submitted by the labels/management structures. They have an international reach and present a convincing concept for the further development of a specific musician/bands career (one application per musician/band) including a timeline and an overview of the investment to be made by the structure as well as the artist.

In spring 2024, the following projects have been supported:

© Dshamilja Kalt
© Inès Boualou
© Margaux Corda
© Arnaud Ele

Push It

This call for applications is open twice a year. The next applications can be submitted from 1 July to 1 September 2024.

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Emerging artists

Emerging artists are considered those musicians who have completed their professional training or presented their first work to the public less than five years ago.

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