Retrospective «ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival»

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This year’s «ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival» with its focus on Switzerland featured 14 Swiss dance productions that, supported by Pro Helvetia, presented contemporary Swiss dance in all its variety. We present three groups in the video below. Also featured are two participants from the ATLAS workshop and research programme for emerging artists.

Video: ImPulsTanz 2021 | Retrospective

PRICE aka. Mathias Ringgenberg was born in Rio de Janeiro and now lives and works in Zurich. At his performance Melodies are so far my best friend, there is an 11-15 metre long table in the middle of the stage reaching out into the audience area. Four large, curtain-sized costumes made of various textiles are laid out, and PRICE as the performer takes charge of the space physically and acoustically with theatrical movements, actions and his voice. Cecile Believe (producer and singer) and Sebastian Hirsig (pianist) are also present on the stage and contribute to the soundscape. Spectators are seated at the table together with the performers.

Young Geneva-based choreographer Ruth Childs presented three pieces by her aunt Lucinda Childs from the New York of the 1960s as well as fantasia, a solo creation of her own. She also danced in Marco Berettini’s production No Paraderan. In fantasia, Childs draws on her choreographic research to channel musical memories through her body. Her love of classical music helps her turn memories into movement. Characterised by humour, ease and various dynamics, fantasia is set to the music of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Dvorak.

On bestowing this year’s Young Choreographers’ Award for fiebre, the jury spoke of how «the relationships among the female dancers are explored in terms of intimacy, sexuality and eroticism, and new, transformative modalities of togetherness are shown». Tamara Alegre (CI/CH), Lydia Östberg Diakité (NO/SE), Nunu Flashdem (UK/CH), Marie Ursin (NO) and Célia Lutangu (BE/CH) received the award on the last weekend of the festival in Vienna’s MuTh theatre and concert hall. fiebre strives to create an intimate female space for new forms of togetherness. It is a source of empowerment, by which desire and aversion are allowed to coexist freely.

ATLAS – workshop and research programme

The young choreographers chosen for the 2021 edition were Clara Delorme and Ivy Monteiro. The programme offers artists with initial choreographic experience a dynamic environment for their artistic development.

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