Selection for COMPASS 2024-2026

Performing Arts
© Matthieu Croizier

For 2024-2026, COMPASS granted a support to 4 independent emerging companies from Switzerland in the field of performing arts. The two-year programme is designed to strengthen their international network and to develop international touring activities. 

The four selected compagnies for COMPASS 2024-2026 are:

‘My expectations for the future are so big, and there are not enough words to describe them.’ 

Clara Delorme
Clara Delorme © Anouk Maupu

‘With COMPASS, we are aiming (in collaboration with Maxine Devaud) to build a strong sustainable European touring network for the projects of Snakes & Stones, where it’s possible to have important touring goals while implementing them in a sensitive, queer, and vulnerable way. We are aiming to take our time creating new projects, touring as much as possible the existing ones, defining new partners and entering into long-lasting exchanges with them, and fairly remunerating all the production, administrative, and artistic efforts leading to this work.’ 

Pierre Piton
Pierre Piton © Claude Barrault

‘My expectations are to keep dancing and learning while creating and sharing performances. To go places and connect, meet and learn. It might seem quite simple, but it’s not always possible when negotiating with many needs that appear while one is working in the live arts field. It involves various fronts of work in order to give the form to be shared with an audience. Receiving such support makes it possible to fulfill this wish to keep creating, and to continue to unfold this path.’ 

Catol Teixeira
Catol Teixeira © Gregory Bataradon

‘My expectation is to build a sustainable network for myself with a curiosity in the craft of dance and how dance helps bringing different people together.’ 

Tiran Willemse
Tiran Willemse © TIRANpress


This call for applications is open once a year. The next applications can be submitted from 1 January to 1 March 2025.

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