She Got Game 2024: Nominated Participants

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Graphic “Visibility” © by Lydia Perrot

In 2022, Pro Helvetia successfully launched its first-ever call for participation for women in the international interactive media sector with «She Got Game». In the subsequent first edition of the programme in 2023 we counted 17 participants from all over the globe.

For the second edition of the mentoring and networking programme «She Got Game», game developers from all over the world applied. More than a professional boost, the programme aims to strengthen equal opportunities in the game industry.

«She Got Game» is designed to break down barriers to access, qualification, networking, and visibility for women in the game industry. It offers participants one-on-one mentoring with proven experts as well as online lectures, peer-to-peer forums, and an opportunity to showcase their work. The manifold offerings enable the promotion of entrepreneurial and professional competencies and the achievement of practical objectives.

The following game industry professionals from Switzerland, China, South Asia, Arab Region, Southern Africa and South America were selected to participate in «She Got Game» programme:


Leoni Voegelin , based in Berlin, Germany

“We Fight The Clouds”

The game is a single-player cinematic roguelike RPG for PC about young people forever fighting against a relentless climate.

Mentor: Allison Yang Jing

Viviane Christen , based in Zurich

“Lily The Explorer”

In this sandbox adventure game, you get to play Lily, a small but stubborn girl navigating through a world full of things to do. Lily, as the player character and protagonist of the game, has missions assigned by her sister and other people in the world.

Mentor: Allison Yang Jing

Tim Nguyen, based in Fribourg and Lausanne
Amélie Gorret , based in Lausanne


“Cocolation” is a casual mobile game project, combining social interactions and environment management. The game allows players to exchange messages completely anonymously to send each other encouragement, receive opinions, and share common interests, all in a friendly atmosphere.

Mentors: Dajana Dimovska, Chriss Vasquez

Arielle Kling , based in Neuchâtel and Geneva

“Quests and Requests”

“Quests and Requests” is a first-person video game that revisits the traditional quest formula in a quirky, absurd universe. The player takes on the role of a fallen knight, trapped in an in-between dimension, a cross between a dumping ground and purgatory.

Mentor: Sithe Ncumbe

Katja Wolff , based in Zurich

“Kohlrabi Starship“

“Kohlrabi Starship” is a cozy farming game with space travel. In this hand-drawn game you own your very own greenhouse starship and different mysterious planets await you to be discovered.

Mentor: Stephanie Darrah


Qiao Wang , based in Shanghai

“Death Club”

As a Death Recorder, the player is sent to a mortal world to record “dead faces”. Every time he makes a record of a new dead face, he gets a D-face chess piece. By recording death and playing chess games with the God of Death, the Death Recorder gradually gets to understand the dead and alive, human nature, the world, and of course, oneself.

Mentor: Dasha Nasonova

Qing Qin , based in Hangzhou

“Biome Synthesis”

This project is a simulation game. The design concept is based on terraforming but emphasizes the rejection of the environment as a fully programmable object, and explores the relationship between humans and the politics of plant life through the revolt and convergence of primitive ecosystems.

Mentor: Yasemin Günay

Ruixuan Li , based in Shenzhen

“Go Groundshel!”

“Go Groundshel!” is a puzzle-based RPG adventure featuring a courageous groundhog girl, stepping out of her comfort zone to rescue her prince from the Canid Tyrant. Unlike traditional platform games, this game focuses on her unique approach to confronting enemies despite lacking combat skills.

Mentor: Stephanie Darrah

South Asia

Vanshika Bansal , based in Chandigarh, India

“Tales From The Subcontinent- The Heritage Trail”

“Tales From The Subcontinent: The Heritage Trail” is an immersive and educational 3D game that offers a unique opportunity to explore the rich history and culture of India. One of the game’s key strengths lies in its potential to reveal untold stories of India’s past, thereby promoting tourism.

Mentor: Martina Santoro

Arab Region

Nada Ahmad , based in Damietta, Egypt


In this interactive storytelling experience titled “Rhodopis” – which is the Egyptian Cinderella Story – a wonderful journey awaits the players through the enchanting world of ancient Egypt. Immersing the players in the rich culture, mythology, and vibrant landscapes as they assume the role of Amasis, the Pharaoh of Egypt in the 26th Dynasty.

Mentor: Sithe Ncumbe

Alaa Darwish, based in Cairo, Egypt

”Azman | 1919 Revolution”

“Azman | 1919 Revolution” is an immersive and educational interactive narrative game that explores the impactful story of the 1919 Egyptian Revolution, a crucial moment in the nation’s struggle for freedom from British occupation.

Mentor: Chriss Vasquez

Southern Africa

Cassie Simpson, based in Johannesburg, South Africa

“The Sheet Ghost”

“The Sheet Ghost” is a puzzle-driven exploration game that follows the quiet afterlife of a ghost as he prepares for Halloween. Uncover his past through environmental puzzles, stealth challenges, and poignant flashbacks.

Mentor: Poornima Seetharaman

Avuzwa Ntshongwana , based in Johannesburg, South Africa


“Taoh” is a 2D game that focuses on women’s menstrual cycle. The game consists of 4 levels, each based on an article titled “4 Ways Period Poverty Affects Africa’s Women and Girls” by Global Citizen.

Mentor: Poornima Seetharaman

South America

Thays Pantuza, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Pipa is a 3D puzzle adventure and exploration game. Through a sensitive narrative, the game tells the story of Pipa, a girl with anxiety disorder. By solving the puzzles, the player has the possibility of discovering and learning about their fears, dreams and lost memories.

Mentor: Violetta Leoni

Pilar Milla, based in Lima, Peru

“The Sapling”

“The Sapling” is a narrative point-and-click game that follows the story of a young person who, upon the passing of their grandfather, must confront a life without him.

Mentor: Dasha Nasonova

Bianca Alves do Nascimento, based in Guarulhos, Brazil

“PixieVille – A Magical Journey”

PixieVille is a life sim adventure where the player has the freedom to create his own life, with different fantasy races to choose from, highly customizable characters, romance and marriage options, pregnancy and adoption, freedom to choose from different professions or to create your own business and the experience to pass through different life stages, from baby to elder.

Mentor: Yasemin Günay

Rommy Barriga Cano , based in Cochabamba, Bolivia

“Eco Masters”

It is a casual puzzle mobile game that wants to standardize the recycling system worldwide through the mechanics of the game. The game story is developed in Southamerica, in the Amazon rainforest. Mixing pseudoscience with spiritual andean cosmovision.

Mentor: Dajana Dimovska