South Asia: Selected artists-in-residence

Pro Helvetia New Delhi
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Pro Helvetia New Delhi is delighted to announce the names of the artists from Switzerland and South Asia who have been selected for studio residencies in 2024. Residencies offer the artist an opportunity to research, experiment and engage. We hope that the recipients will gain from the opportunity and be able to form sustainable networks for the future.

Artists from Switzerland selected to residencies in South Asia in 2024

graphic composition of portrait photos in windows
Johanna Schaible © Nikol Rot. Uriel Orlow © BAK, Florian Spring. Elia Buletti © Caterina Montesi. Vera Ryser © Mara Truog.

Johanna Schaible | Literature

Johanna Schaible‘s work moves at the intersection of illustration, art and design. She was one of the first members of Bolo Klub, a collective supporting an emerging generation of picture-book makers in Switzerland. Her picture-book debut ‘Once upon a time there was and will be so much more’ was published in 2021 as a co-edition in ten languages.

Uriel Orlow | Visual Arts

Uriel Orlow’s practice is research-based, process-oriented and often in dialogue with other disciplines. Projects engage with residues of colonialism, spatial manifestations of memory, social and ecological justice, blind spots of representation and plants as political actors. His multi-media installations focus on specific locations, micro-histories and forms of haunting. Working across installation, photography, film, drawing and sound his works bring different image-regimes and narrative modes into correspondence.

Elia Buletti | Music

Elia Buletti is a sound artist working in the field of experimental music. He produces and performs music as Delmore FX, an ongoing solo project he started in 2010. Elia is also active as a sound designer and as DJ Giorgio Gabber. In 2008, he founded the label Das Andere Selbst, a music label that releases limited editions on vinyl and tapes.

Vera Ryser | Visual Arts

Vera Ryser is an independent curator and cultural practitioner. She engages with transdisciplinary projects between art, research and mediation. Her work deals with decolonial practices, feminist resistances and migrant discourses and she strives to update these topics beyond the supposedly clear boundaries of practice and theory. She cooperates with artists, researchers and everyday experts.

Artists from South Asia selected to residencies in Switzerland in 2024

graphic composition of portrait photos in windows
Karan Shreshtha, courtesy the artist. Kaldi Moss (c) Alina Tiphagne. Ha Dao (c) Thach Minh Hieu.

Karan Shrestha | Visual Arts | India & Nepal

Karan Shrestha’s works get at the many entanglements of Nepal’s recent history. He is drawn to the States, the histories and the psychologies of precarity.

Kaldi Moss | Art, Science & Technology | India

Kaldi Moss is an eco-sexual artist and composer whose practice spans spatial sound, interactive installation, making experimental concerts, video and browser based art. They are interested in sense perception, networked systems, intelligence, collaboration and the experience of beings that are not human.

Ha Dao | Visual Arts | Vietnam

Ha Dao grew up on the outskirts of Hanoi, Vietnam. Drawn by the quiet drama in everyday life, her photographic works take an imaginative approach to documentary and are built upon close observations mixed with loose associations, often through the lens of gender and sexuality.

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Application deadline for residencies: 1 March 2024

Applications for research trips can be submitted on an ongoing basis

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