Swiss game designers taking over GDC

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For the 13th year, Pro Helvetia and Swissnex in San Francisco brought a delegation of emerging Swiss game studios to San Francisco to take part in the Game Developers Conference, also known as GDC.

The conference brought together the game development community from around the world to exchange ideas, solve problems, and shape the future of the industry. Among the programmers, artists, producers, and game designers, eight Swiss Game studios presented their work in San Francisco at the coveted SwissGames booth.

The selected studios and their projects are:

Crafting and delivering a Silicon Valley approved pitch

Prior to the conference, the selected delegation underwent tailored training sessions organised by Swissnex called US Game Industry Days, focusing on refining essential skills such as networking with industry professionals, how to break into the US market, media training, and perfecting pitches tailored for a professional Silicon Valley audience. This culminated in the event SwissGames Pitch 2024 at Pier 17, where esteemed jury members including Don Daglow, Game Designer, Advisor, and Executive Producer, Rachel Heleva, Business Development and Scouting Manager at Astra Logical, Demetri Detsaridis, Operating Partner at Haveli Investments, and Justin Woodward, Co-founder and Creative Director at Media Indie Exchange (The MIX), Interabang Entertainment.

During GDC 2024, SwissGames participated in various side events to complement their presence at the main exhibition. They showcased their talent and innovation at Courage XL, the annual pre-GDC party. Additionally, they engaged with industry leaders and professionals at Pocket Gamer Connects, a leading international conference series, and The MIX, which promotes visibility and discoverability within the gaming community. To emphasise their commitment to diverse and inclusive gaming experiences, SwissGames organised events such as the SwissGames Pitch 2024, and the Gaming and Inclusivity seminar. Furthermore, SwissGames were part of exclusive showcases like the European Game Showcase and the Global Play Showcase, co-initiated by Pro Helvetia, where they competed for recognition and awards alongside other international game developers. They also contributed to the vibrant atmosphere of the GDC week by participating in Courage on Tour, the largest expo party for more than 1,500 visitors showcasing their creativity in a multifaceted venue filled with music, art, and networking opportunities.

Award winning Swiss Game Studios

  • Twisted BrainZ (Studio) with the game: Rise of Peles, was selected as a GDC Pitch finalist
  • Whimsical Wolff Games (Kohlrabi Starship) won the ’Very Big Indie Pitch’
  • Truth Detectives (Studio ZB) won ‘Best Socially Valuable Game’ at Game Connection

Selection to exclusive events include:

  • Courage XL: Kipwak Studio, Momento Games, Mac n Cheese Games, Whimsical Wolff Games, Twisted BrainZ
  • The Mix: Kipwak Studio, Momento Games, Whimsical Wolff Games
  • Pannelist public event Game & Inclusivity: Disco:very Studio
  • Courage on Tour: Kipwak Studio, Momento Games, Whimsical Wolff Games, Twisted BrainZ, LUAL Games
  • Global Play Showcase: Mac n Cheese Games
  • Pocket Gamer Connects: Whimsical Wolff Games, Twisted BrainZ, Studio ZB, Kipwak
  • Eurpean Game Showcase: Kipwak Studio, Whimsical Wolff Games, Disco:very Studio

Discover SwissGames

SwissGames is an initiative to promote the Swiss games cluster at home and abroad. Under the umbrella of SwissGames, we organize or support Swiss participation in more than 20 events per year and help Swiss developers gain visibility, build relationships with the international games industry and access the global market.

SwissGames Twitter


SwissGames booth at GDC 2024
March 20–22, 2024
Moscone Center, San Francisco, Hall F, Booth N2901

Showcase Events

Courage XL
The Annual Pre-GDC party at the Great Northern in San Francisco.

Pocket Gamer Connects
As the leading international conference series for the global games industry, at Pocket Gamer Connects, they focus on connecting you with the right people, bringing together delegates from across the entire ecosystem with all the key formats covered from mobile, PC and console to XR, blockchain, AI and web3 technology. 

The Mix
The MIX recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and team has expanded with a variety of formats, programs and initiatives ever since, with a continuing focus on raising visibility, discoverability and celebrating amazing games and the talented people who create them.

SwissGames Pitch 2024 (participation can be requested)
March 16, 2024, 2:30–6:30 pm
Swissnex, Pier 17, San Francisco
Pier 17, Suite 800, San Francisco, CA 94111

Gaming and Inclusivity (free; registration necessary)
March 18, 2024, 5:30–8:30 pm
Swissnex, Pier 17, San Francisco
Pier 17, Suite 800, San Francisco, CA 94111

European Game Showcase  (invite only)
March 19, 2024, 4–8pm
Swissnex, Pier 17, San Francisco
Pier 17, Suite 800, San Francisco, CA 94111

Global Play Showcase
The Global Play Showcase is a reception hosted by 10 video game associations from five continents at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco.

The Global Play Showcase is more than just a reception – it’s a competition. Each country/region will exhibit one unreleased video game that showcases their creativity, innovation, and talent. You will get to play these games, chat with the developers, and vote for your favourite one. The game with the most votes will win the Global Play Showcase Award. IGEA (Australia), Abragames (Brazil), Neogames (Finland), FLEGA (Flanders), WALGA (Wallonia), Lithuanian Game Developers Association, Game Developers Association of the Philippines, Dataspelsbranschen (Sweden), Pro Helvetia (Switzerland), Gamers Association Ghana

Courage on Tour
Largest expo party of GDC week at the iconic 42,000-square-foot venue. From music and art, to a full service bar and restaurant