ON/OFF Online Platform: Symposium №1

Pro Helvetia Mosca, Arti sceniche

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ON/OFF aims to create new spaces for further artistic and human dialogue between Russian-speaking artists, their European colleagues and the public.

Curators Dina Hussein and Nika Parkhomovskaya have come up with an online platform “ON/OFF” to exchange the experience and cooperate between Russian and Swiss performers, choreographers and curators, as well as their colleagues from Europe.

On May 2023, the platform hosted the Symposium #1 – a two-day event during which projects developed within the Russian-Swiss online residency were presented and an open discussion moderated by Swiss choreographer and curator Gabor Varga took place. The Symposium’s participants also included familiar to the Russian public Swiss names – Nicole Seiler and Rudi van der Merwe.

ON/OFF Online Platform: Symposium №1

The detailed program and the list of participants