reConvert’s first Asian tour

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reConvert’s performance at SYSTEM, Shanghai ©SYSTEM

The percussion and contemporary music duo reConvert has toured Asia for the first time in their 10-year trajectory within the contemporary European music scene.

From February to March 2024, reConvert had the chance to perform in influential cultural spaces in Hong Kong (Floating Projects, Cheung Chau Cinema), Shanghai (SYSTEM), and Taipei (Digital Art Center Festival).

On this tour, reConvert has carried out a series of activities including concerts, masterclasses, and workshops. The duo of this tour, composed of Roberto Maqueda and Fernando Manassero, has presented two of their latest projects: Amoeba (Manassero + reConvert) and Where Do We Go…? (WDWG). These activities allowed them to connect with local musicians and creators through sharing and presentations.

reConvert reflected upon their experience and gave tips for the next musicians on tour:

“When embarking on a tour of Asia, it’s crucial to have all the necessary information well organized ahead of time, not only artistically but also logistically. This includes aspects such as travel arrangements, currency exchange, app usage, reservations, and other important details.

Making the most of the time required for such a long journey involves exploring nearby regions. Culturally, this experience offers an enriching contrast and can be a valuable opportunity to broaden horizons both personally and artistically. Additionally, it can enhance the impact of the tour in terms of institutional support and artistic connections.

Networking during the tour is important. Participating in sharing and meetings with other artists, institutions, and festivals can lead to future collaborations. These interactions will lay the groundwork for a lasting and fruitful relationship with the region.

We were able to reach new audiences, from whom we received positive response. We specifically chose to bring interactive and/or immersive pieces to create a special connection with them. It’s worth noting that the audience came open-minded and showed genuine interest in exchanging experiences. I believe being well-prepared musically and able to discuss your work will yield the best results. Being ready to make contacts and graciously share your work is the way to go.”

The band reConvert

reConvert was born as a natural extension of the percussion repertoire of the last seventy years, to become a seal of identity that rejects generic definitions and bets on a continuous work between different artists in which the questioning of the dogmas of the academy is in the foreground. With difficulties in defining the facet of the percussionist of our time, due to the evolution that the “instrument” has undergone in itself, reConvert raises an aesthetic question without complexes, and that does not feed on the natural limits and definitions of terms. It was founded in 2013 by Roberto Maqueda & Victor Barcelo, later on Lorenzo Colombo joined. Currently, reConvert remains open to diverse collaborations with different artists, performers, and composers.

For this tour, reConvert is Roberto Maqueda & Fernando Manassero.

Roberto Maqueda is a musician based in Basel. Coming from percussion, he is interested in avant-garde creation connected to electronic worlds and digital art. He is the artistic co-director of Festival offener Genres (FOG) in Basel, and co-director of the EXIT Festival in Uruguay.

Fernando Manassero is a mixed-media composer based in Basel. He is currently enrolled in the Open Creation program at the Hochschule für Musik, FHNW, Basel.


reConvert’s performance at SYSTEM, Shanghai, photo by Miao Jiang
reConvert’s performance at SYSTEM, Shanghai ©SYSTEM
reConvert meets Hong Kong music creators, led by Karen Yu, director of Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong, photo by Floating Projects

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