Prohelvetia «Mobile. In Touch with Digital Creation» is a programme initiated by Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council
RTS rapport fair_paris

Reportage de la RTS à la Game Connection

La Suisse est présente au plus grand salon français du jeu vidéo. Les concepteurs suisses misent sur l’originalité de leurs produits interactifs pour séduire le public. Voir ici.


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Media Review on #SwissGames at Gamescom 2015

Im Rahmen des Programms „Mobile. In Touch with Digital Creation“ kann Pro Helvetia den lancierten „Swiss Games“ Stand an der Gamescom Messe in Köln Anfang August 2015 als Erfolg verbuchen. Auch in den Medien erhielt die Initiative eine positive Resonanz. Hier ein Überblick:


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#SwissGames Pavilion @ Gamescom 2015

Nach erfolgreichen Auftritten an der Game Developers Conference (GDC), der Game Connection und der Tokyo Game Show (TGS) führt  die #SwissGames Initiative die Promotion von Schweizer Produkte an der grössten Messe für interaktiven Medien weiter. 


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Transalpine Game Jam in Milan

The Expo Milan 2015 is a perfect pretext to make game designers meet. At the initiative of the City of Zürich, Pro Helvetia, Ludicious - Zürich Game Festival and Playing Festival, Swiss and Italian creators will gather on June 17th and 18th for a 48h jam hosted by the Istituto Svizzero in Milan.


26.05.2015 - videogame, exhibition, international 


Beyond Cinema @ Cannes Festival

Dimanche 17 mai, le Festival Tous Ecrans/Geneva International Film Festival présente un showcase de cinq projets digitaux suisses innovants et détonants au Pavillon Next du Festival de Cannes.


29.04.2015 - transmedia, exhibition, international 


Swiss Game Culture @ Fantasy Basel

For one weekend, Basel will turn into the Swiss corner stone for Game-, Film- and Comic-enthusiasts.

Fantasy Basel, Messe Basel, May 14-16 2015


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Virtuale Switzerland in Lausanne

The first Virtual Biennale is stopping at the Rolex Learning Center in Lausanne. 


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#SwissGames @ FMX2015

Switzerland is a country full of creative and innovative minds. The combination of high quality education and forward thinking spirit makes it one of the countries with the highest density of Intellectual Property per capita. 



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«Call for Artworks: Art in Embassies – The Intersection between Art, Science, Technology and the Environment»

The intersection between art, science, technology and the environment has grown to an important topic on the agenda of many governments. The current shift implied by digital technologies has direct consequences on the landscapes of innovation and creativity. Artists and researchers are using new tools and mindsets to shape the world.


To honor this state of mind and in order to pursue a common goal in the promotion of this important domain, Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and the Embassy of the United States of America in Switzerland together launch a Call for Artworks aimed at projects that bring together arts, technology and science.


25.02.2015 - interactive media, call for projects, exhibition, switzerland 


Switzerland's Biggest Showcase for Interaction Design at Grafik15

After a first edition in 2014, #SwissGames are back at the Grafik showcase from 13 to 15 March 2015. With 6 institutes, 12 studios and over 60 projects, the exhibition initiated by Pro Helvetia will highlight the link between graphic design and interaction design.


23.02.2015 - interactive media, videogames, exhibition, switzerland 


Focus on Motion Comics @ Fumetto Festival

Du 7 au 15 mars 2015, le festival de bandes-dessinées Fumetto consacre un riche programme aux motion comics, soit la rencontre entre BD et médias interactifs.


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#SwissGames: The Success Story starts in San Francisco

In 2015, the Swiss presence at the Game Developers Conference boasts outstanding results and successes.


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#SwissGames Delegation @ GDC2015

4 studios will represent Switzerland in the most important international game event.


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Call for Participation: Swiss Games @ Grafik15

Interactive media might be one of the main driving forces for graphic designer and the creative industries in general. This dynamic will be marked at the biggest showcase for graphical work in Switzerland, as Grafik15 dedicates a whole space to the best interactive and digital works from Swiss studios. 

->Apply until January 3rd<-


26.11.2014 - interactive media, transmedia, videogames, exhibition, switzerland 


Call for Participation: Swiss Games @ GDC 2015

Starting at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the «Swiss Games» initiative will bring the best Swiss projects and studios to the most important events in 2015.

->Apply until January 15th <-



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Swiss Games in Corea

During the Digital Art Weeks in Seoul, a selection of Swiss games are exhibited alongside Corean and American artists.


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Ludicious Ludicious_Logo_RGB-White Ludicious_Logo_RGB-Black

Ludicious - Zürich Game Festival

«Ludicious» is presenting a very appealing program!

In a few days, the new Swiss festival for videogames will open his gates to its audience, targeting the European game industry as well as a general audience intersted in videogames from 19 to 21 September 2014.


04.09.2014 - videogames, conference, exhibition, switzerland 

Tokyo Game Show

Swiss Games @ Tokyo Game Show 2014

The Tokyo Game Show is the biggest convention dedicated to videogames on the asian continent and represents an important gate to access the fastest growing market for interactive media in the world. A delegation of «Swiss Games» will exhibit its applicaitons from 18 to 21 september 2014. 


01.09.2014 - videogames, exhibition, international 

The Perils of Man timthumb

Swiss Games @ Gamescom 2014

Die Promotionstour der Schweizer Videogames geht weiter, nächste Station ist die gamescom in Köln.


04.08.2014 - video games, exhibition, international 


The Future of Books - An Exhibition

From July 4-11, «The Book Lab» will show a selection of disruptive projects at the Rolex Learning Center on the EPFL Campus, bringing new perspective on contents and edition, ranging from paper to code.


27.05.2014 - interactive media, exhibition, switzerland 

Swiss Gaming Corner head_boston

Swiss Games @ Pax East

Swissnex Boston will present a Swiss Gaming Corner from April 10 to 19th in and around the Pax East gaming convention.


07.04.2014 - videogames, exhibition, international 

 Grafik14 - logo

Mobile @ Grafik14

Vom 14. bis zum 16. März zeigt «Mobile» eine Auswahl von Werken von Studenten aus den Bereichen Interaktion Design, Media Design und Game Design an der Grafik14 in Zürich.


14.03.2014 - interactive media, exhibition, switzerland 


GDC Play: 4 Swiss Games and One Award

Mobile presents the cutting edge of Swiss Games  at GDC Play. apelab was awarded "Best in Play" award for the first episode of their spatial Storytelling applcation IDNA. Meet our Studios at GDC!


07.03.2014 - videogames, exhibition, international 

apelab - Geek Run

Swiss Games @ swissnex san francisco

With the support of Mobile Swissnex sf will host two international events featuring Swiss Games during the Game Developers Conference (GDC), with: apelab, Etter Studio & Disney Research Zurich


07.03.2014 - interactive media, exhibition, international 


Swiss Games @ GDC 2014

Mobile is proud to present the next generation of Swiss game developers at GDC with the support of the SGDA, swissnex sf and AlpICT.


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Game Gazer at swissnex sf PastedGraphic-1

Game Gazer - Multilaterale Initiative zur Promotion des Schweizer Game Designs

Game Gazer wurde von Pro Helvetia, swissnex sf und der Stadt Zürich als Initiative an der Schnittstelle von Kultur, Innovation und Wirtschaft ins Leben gerufen.


22.09.2013 - videogames, exhibition, international 

Swiss Game Design au CMODA

Swiss Game Design en Chine

L’expérience fructueuse de Pro Helvetia Shanghai et du CMODA à Pékin début 2013 a permis à l’exposition itinérante «Swiss Game Design», développée dans le cadre du programme «GameCulture», de se profiler en Chine.


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