Prohelvetia «Mobile. In Touch with Digital Creation» is a programme initiated by Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council

Showcase of the Winners of the “Call for Transmedia Projects 15/16"

The 4 chosen projects are presented during Solothurn Film Festival


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Call for Transmedia Projects 15/16

4 projects convinced the jury and received production grants.


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 Invitation Cover

Game Conference Zurich – Milan / Expo Milan 2015

The Game Conference Zurich – Milan will present the game developer scene of Italy as well as Switzerland. Looking back at the Swiss-Italian game jam that took place from June 16-18, you will get to know the results of a 48 hour creative journey. But we will also try to compare the video game industry of the two countries, looking for similarities, differences and into a future of possible cooperation between the two.


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Mobile @ Imaging the Future

The winning projects of the Calls for Projects Transmedia and Swiss Games are unveiled during the Imaging the Future Symposium on July 7th. 


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#SwissGames Pavilion @ Gamescom 2015

Nach erfolgreichen Auftritten an der Game Developers Conference (GDC), der Game Connection und der Tokyo Game Show (TGS) führt  die #SwissGames Initiative die Promotion von Schweizer Produkte an der grössten Messe für interaktiven Medien weiter. 


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Digital Creation & Digital Lifestyle mixer at Startupfair

Pro Helvetia will support the presence of 4 Studios at the next Startupfair, the main Swiss event for young entrepreneurs developed and realized by Startzentrum Zürich.


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The winner of the Collide@CERN Pro Helvetia artist residency programme is the collective


26.05.2015 - interactive media, residency, switzerland 


Swiss Game Culture @ Fantasy Basel

For one weekend, Basel will turn into the Swiss corner stone for Game-, Film- and Comic-enthusiasts.

Fantasy Basel, Messe Basel, May 14-16 2015


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Virtuale Switzerland in Lausanne

The first Virtual Biennale is stopping at the Rolex Learning Center in Lausanne. 


28.04.2015 - augmented reality, exhibition, switzerland 


Game Design Workshop at Mapping Festival

After a first collaboration in Los Angeles, Head Geneva and UCLA will present a workshop dedicated to Game Design and narrative at Mapping festival


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Call for Projects Transmedia - Sieben Projekte im Rennen

Die internationale Jury hat sich für sieben Transmedia Projekte entschieden. Die multiplattformen Projekte reichen von Webserien, zu interaktiven Erzählungen bis hin zu mobilen Games und Filmen. Sie widerspiegeln die Vielfalt des transmedialen Schaffens in der Schweiz. 33 Projekte sind auf die zweite Ausschreibung «Call for Transmedia Projects» eingegangen.



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«Call for Artworks: Art in Embassies – The Intersection between Art, Science, Technology and the Environment»

The intersection between art, science, technology and the environment has grown to an important topic on the agenda of many governments. The current shift implied by digital technologies has direct consequences on the landscapes of innovation and creativity. Artists and researchers are using new tools and mindsets to shape the world.


To honor this state of mind and in order to pursue a common goal in the promotion of this important domain, Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and the Embassy of the United States of America in Switzerland together launch a Call for Artworks aimed at projects that bring together arts, technology and science.


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Switzerland's Biggest Showcase for Interaction Design at Grafik15

After a first edition in 2014, #SwissGames are back at the Grafik showcase from 13 to 15 March 2015. With 6 institutes, 12 studios and over 60 projects, the exhibition initiated by Pro Helvetia will highlight the link between graphic design and interaction design.


23.02.2015 - interactive media, videogames, exhibition, switzerland 


Focus on Motion Comics @ Fumetto Festival

Du 7 au 15 mars 2015, le festival de bandes-dessinées Fumetto consacre un riche programme aux motion comics, soit la rencontre entre BD et médias interactifs.


23.02.2015 - workshop, motion comics, conference, exhibition, switzerland 


Call for Projects Swiss Games 14/15 – the 10 finalists are selected

Après deux jours de session, le jury du « Call for Projects: Swiss Games 14/15 » a sélectionné dix jeux concourant pour un soutien pouvant s’élever à 50'000 CHF.


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«Call for Projects: SwissGames» - 42 Projects in Competition

Ludicious - Zürich Game Festival announced that the third edition of the «Call for Projects: Swiss Games» resulted in the entry of 42 new projects coming from all around Switzerland. 


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Call for Participation: Swiss Games @ Grafik15

Interactive media might be one of the main driving forces for graphic designer and the creative industries in general. This dynamic will be marked at the biggest showcase for graphical work in Switzerland, as Grafik15 dedicates a whole space to the best interactive and digital works from Swiss studios. 

->Apply until January 3rd<-


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Center for Storytelling

Zum zweiten Mal unterstützt Pro Helvetia in Kooperation mit der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHDK) und der Hochschule Luzern (HSLU) diese Tagung, die wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse im Bereich Storytelling und Alltags-Praxis zusammenbringt.


27.10.2014 - storytelling, conference, switzerland 

collide Collide


This call for projects gives access to a 3 months residency at CERN coming with a 15’000.- stipend.


27.10.2014 - interactive media, call for projects, switzerland 


20e Festival Tous Ecrans

Découvrez un programme sans frontières qui parcourt tous les territoires de la création audiovisuelle.


23.10.2014 - transmedia, festival, switzerland 



The TEDx conference dedicated to transmedia halts in Geneva on November 5th with an outstanding line-up.


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«Call for Transmedia Projects» 2015/2016

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and the Federal Office of Culture are launching, in collaboration with the Solothurn Film Festival and the Foundation for Professional Training and Audiovisual Media (FOCAL), the second “Call for Transmedia Projects”. The aim of this call for proposals is to promote new digital and interactive narrative forms.


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Ludicious Ludicious_Logo_RGB-White Ludicious_Logo_RGB-Black

Ludicious - Zürich Game Festival

«Ludicious» is presenting a very appealing program!

In a few days, the new Swiss festival for videogames will open his gates to its audience, targeting the European game industry as well as a general audience intersted in videogames from 19 to 21 September 2014.


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 Ludicious_Logo_RGB-Black Swiss-Games

«Call for Projects: Swiss Games» 2014/2015

->  Deadline for entry on 21.12.2014!  <-


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 Call transmedia projects

4 Transmedia projects seduce the Jury

The jury awards further grants for the production of 4 Transmedia projects.


02.07.2014 - transmedia, call for projects, switzerland 


Epic Game Jam @ NIFFF

From 4 to 6 July, the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) presents the first edition of a game jam which promises to be extravagant!



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Accelerate@CERN - Announcement of winners

Nadezda Suvorova and Mario von Rickenbach win a one-month stay at CERN.


25.06.2014 - research, interactive media, switzerland 


Submit your project now!

Game developers prove your skills! Competitions are now open for submissions untill 15 July 2014.


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Ludicious - Zürich Game Festival

From 18 to 21 September 2014 the first edition of «Ludicious – Zurich Game Festival» will turn the town into the computer game industry meeting point for innovative emerging talents.


04.06.2014 - videogames, festival, switzerland 

 swissgames_studiobanners Swiss-Games

Call for Projects: Swiss Games 2014/2015

Game developers de Zurich, Fribourg, Bumplitz et Giubiasco, à vos machines, voilà une nouvelle édition de notre appel à projets de jeux vidéo !


03.06.2014 - videogames, call for projects, switzerland 


The Future of Books - An Exhibition

From July 4-11, «The Book Lab» will show a selection of disruptive projects at the Rolex Learning Center on the EPFL Campus, bringing new perspective on contents and edition, ranging from paper to code.


27.05.2014 - interactive media, exhibition, switzerland 


Imaging the Future 2014

Le 8 et 9 juillet à Neuchâtel se tiendra une nouvelle édition du symposium qui réunit les professionnels du jeu vidéo, des effets visuels et du transmédia.


26.05.2014 - transmedia, conference, switzerland 


Kick-off “Virtuale Switzerland” in Basel

From June 18th to September 28th 2014, Basel is the host city of Virtuale Switzerland, the world's 1st virtual biennale taking place in several Swiss cities between 2014 and 2015. Pro Helvetia is proud to support this virtual and mobile exhibition which offers an original experience of the public space by using enhanced reality technologies.


23.05.2014 - exibition, augmented reality, switzerland 


Swiss Games @ Startupfair

Zusammen mit der Kommission für Technologie und Innovation (KTI) unterstütz Pro Helvetia die Präsenz von Schweizer Videogame Entwicklern an der nächsten Startupfair, der vom Startzentrum Zürich entwickelten und durchgeführten grössten nationalen Messe für Jungunternehmer.


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Transmedia thumb-545-305-110-973

5 Transmedia Projects Selected

The Jury has chosen among the 93 submissions



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Works – A Look at Swiss Digital Creators

Mobile encourages Swiss digital creators to share their projects on its brand new platform « Works »


08.04.2014 - promotion, switzerland 


Swiss Games: The Taste of Success

Signs have accumulated over the last weeks, promising a very engaging future for videogames in Switzerland on the creative side and on the business side. Let's have a closer look.


07.04.2014 - videogames, promotion, international, switzerland 



From April 5th to 13th, Fumetto Comix-Festival dedicates an exhibition and a panel to Motion Comics.


19.03.2014 - interactive media, motion comics, festival, switzerland 

 Grafik14 - logo

Mobile @ Grafik14

Vom 14. bis zum 16. März zeigt «Mobile» eine Auswahl von Werken von Studenten aus den Bereichen Interaktion Design, Media Design und Game Design an der Grafik14 in Zürich.


14.03.2014 - interactive media, exhibition, switzerland 


93 transmedia projects come into play

The success of our “Call for Transmedia Projects” reveals a strong interest for new forms of storytelling.



06.03.2014 - transmedia, call for projects, switzerland 

Call for Gaming Entrepreneurship Projects in ZH

«Mobile» will select and support 5 Gaming Startups which will get support in the development of their business approach. Apply now!


05.03.2014 - videogames, call for projects, switzerland 


Mobile @ Lift Conference Feb. 5-7

Lift Conference is exploring the new technological trends and their impact on society. «Mobile» presents two sessions which question the next steps to be taken in digital creation and measure the impact of counterculture on creative industries.


16.01.2014 - innovation, conference, switzerland 


Open Call for Accelerate@CERN

Accelerate@CERN offers the possibility to spend a month at CERN and develop a web-based interactive project.



14.11.2013 - research, interactive media, switzerland 


RTS: Pro Helvetia soutien les développeurs de jeux vidéos

Dans son reportage pour l'émission TTC sur RTS1, Gilles de Diesbach nous explique les tenants et les aboutissant de la scène du jeu vidéo en Suisse. Il souligne le caractère pionier et l'importance du soutien apporté à cette scène naissante par la Fondation suisse pour la culture Pro Helvetia.


11.11.2013 - videogames, press, switzerland 

 Game Day Pitch

Witchlake winner of the Swiss Made - Game Pitch @ Festival Tous Ecran

WitchLake was founded in 2012 by Stéphane Donnet, Romane Donnet and Swan Keller, bringing together complementary skills in IT-technologies that leaded them to create their first independent videogames: Season's Street and Sam's Chronicles.

Pitching the later project at the Game Day of the Festival Tous Écrans in Geneva, the team of Witchlake convinced the jury and the audience of the «SWISS MADE – GAME PITCH» about the potential of their new game. Congrats to the winners of the Alp-ICT award!


07.11.2013 - videogames, festival, switzerland 


Release of Drei by Etter Studio

Drei is a great multiplayer iPad game about skill, logic and collaboration. It is now available on the App store.

App store:
Official website:


29.10.2013 - videogames, switzerland 


The City as Playground

the conference „rePLAYCE:theCITY“ discusses aspects of gaming and playing in urban spaces in daily life and in the arts. Zürich 7-9 November 2013.


24.10.2013 - videogames, conference, switzerland 


Mobile @Festival Tous Ecrans

Du 31.10 au 7.11, le Festival Tous Ecrans à Genève explore les contenus destinés à tous les écrans.


From October 31st to November 7th, the Festival Tous écrans (Geneva) celebrates the contents made for all screens, from the silver screen to digital screens.


09.10.2013 - transmedia, videogames, festival, switzerland 


gameZfestival - 4-6 Oktober 2013 - Zürich

Das "gameZfestival" besteht aus einer grösseren Auste mit Spielen aus der Urszene des Schweizer Game Design sowie neuesten Spielen aus der heutigen Entwicklung für Tablets, Computer und Konsolen. Thema des Festivals ist für einmal nicht die Ästhetik, sondern die Mechanik der Games: die Entwicklung des Gameplay. Dabei kommen sowohl einheimische als auch international bekannte Game Designer zu Wort. An drei Tagen finden zahlreiche Präsentationen und Podiumsdiskussionen statt.


02.10.2013 - videogames, festival, switzerland 

 Archive Archive PH-a-3

Transmedia Projects Wanted until February 14th!

Le «Call for Transmedia Projects» est un appel ouvert à des projets de création qui utilisent plusieurs supports coordonnés pour développer un univers fictionnel ou documentaire. Les projets recherchés doivent comprendre des contenus destinés spécifiquement à internet ou aux interfaces mobiles et comporter au moins une composante audiovisuelle et une composante interactive.


Mit dem «Call for Transmedia Projects» werden Kreationsprojekte gesucht, die unter Verknüpfung verschiedener Trägermedien eine dokumentarische oder eine fiktive Welt erschaffen. Erwünscht sind Projekte, deren Inhalt spezifisch aufs Internet oder mobile Geräte zugeschnitten ist und die mindestens eine audiovisuelle und eine interaktive Komponente aufweisen.


23.09.2013 - transmedia, call for projects, switzerland 

Swiss Game Selection

Swiss Games - They Are Awesome!

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia , the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF)  and FONDATION SUISA  are pleased to announce the winners of the «Call for Projects: Swiss Games 2012/2013» . The awards were handed out July 9th in the course of an official ceremony in the presence of the various juries, representatives of the three organizing bodies, the developers of the seven winning games as well as a large audience. We are happy to provide an insight into these productions on the online cultural promotion platform «Swiss Arts Selection».


22.09.2013 - videogames, call for projects, switzerland 

Topics of a Conversation - Nicholas Felton chart4

Data Story @ Storytelling Conference

La profusion des données aujourd’hui accessibles n’est pas seulement un thème brûlant pour la politique et l’économie, des créateurs s’emparent aussi de cet énorme matériel pour produire de nouvelles formes de récits.  


20.09.2013 - storytelling, conference, switzerland