Pro Helvetia

Il post a l’exteriur da Pro Helvetia a Cairo, fundà l’onn 1988, s’engascha per il barat cultural e la collavuraziun artistica tranter la Svizra e la regiun araba.

Noss team cun expertas ed experts locals promova e sustegna inscunters professiunals da las scenas d’art en las spartas sustegnidas da Pro Helvetia. Nus entrain en contact cun organisaturs e tgirain contacts durabels cun plattafurmas relevantas per sustegnair la promoziun e la derasaziun da l’art svizzer en la regiun. Noss stipendis pussibiliteschan residenzas e viadis da retschertga en omaduas direcziuns per promover il barat cultural.

A tgi ans adressain nus?

Nua essan nus activs?

Nossas activitads da promoziun

Noss partenaris da residenza

Qua sutvart chattais Vus ina tscherna da partenaris en la regiun. Questa rait da contact è multifara e sa sviluppa cuntinuadamain cun s’adattar a la dinamica da la regiun. Noss partenaris sa chattan en ils centers urbans sco er en la champagna e lavuran en numerusas spartas e formats en localitads fixas u sin plattafurmas avertas. Artistas ed artists che s’annunzian per ina residenza pon inditgar il partenari che correspunda il meglier a lur proposta. Sche Vus vegnis elegida u elegì, per plaschair considerai che l’instituziun partenaria po midar tut tenor disponibilitad.

Glista dals partenaris da residenza sco tabella

ARD contemporary art institutionCairo, EgyptARD is an art institution founded by Hana El-Beblawy in 2022 and specialized in the field of contemporary art practices within the local and international art scene. It presents a diversified program that includes many artistic activities stemming from the surrounding affairs and is open to the world. The program includes; artistic residencies, exhibitions, workshops, and other art alternatives which ARD is seeking to provide as services that would contribute to effective artistic patterns in the society. It also strives for a fruitful art scene that is not constrained by the traditional standards of the art market.Visual art
Bayt YakanCairo, EgyptBayt Yakan is a 17th century building located in al-Darb al-Ahmar district in the heart of Historic Cairo. It entails and exhibits historic elements that interprets the historic of Cairo during that span of time. It is situated in Suq al-Silah St, just 5 minutes’ walk from midan al-Qalaa’ and al-Rifa’ mosque, and 10 minutes from al-Azhar Park. Saved from demolition, it was restored and rehabilitated to accommodate several activities, residencies, lecture halls for community engagement and academic programs, a library and a gallery where exhibitions of various nature are held.Multiple (Litreature/Architecture/Design), among others
B’sarya for Arts Alexandria, EgyptB’sarya is an independent art space located in the heart of Alexandria, Egypt. It is dedicated to the development of the contemporary art scene in the disciplines of music and photography, through the organization of artistic residencies and photography exhibitions, as well as the release of music productions. It commissions performances that tackle issues related to ecology and climate change, such as the audio-visual performances titled “The Sea Around Us” and “Waking The Giants”.Multiple (Music, Visual Arts) among others
Medrar for contemporary artCairo, EgyptMedrar for Contemporary Art is a non-profit art space based in Cairo, Egypt, offering an open platform for conversations and collaborations between artists, as well as institutions, critics, curators, programmers and techies both locally and internationally. Started as a collective in 2005, Medrar has since been acting as a base for emerging and mid-career artists and diffusing experimentations at the intersection of new and diverse practices, media, and technologies. Through experimental and collaborative programs, it facilitates opportunities for mobility, exposure and the development of an independent and dynamic movement of local artists. Alongside multiple activities, Medrar is committed to expanding its five key projects: the Cairo Video Festival, Roznama Competition and Exhibition, Roznama Studio Program, Medrar TV, Medrar Studio and MedRX Portal.Video art, interactive media, digital art
Megawra-BECCairo, EgyptMegawra-BEC is a platform for debate and action in the built environment with a focus on theory, praxis, art and linking cultural heritage to sustainability and social responsibility. A partnership between Egyptian NGO, the Built Environment Collective and its professional arm, Megawra, it runs a program of cultural events in addition to Athar Lina Initiative in al-Khalifa.Multiple (Architecture, urbanism, design, among others)
Jordan National Gallery for Fine ArtsAmman, JordanThe Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts is the region’s leading art museum with its unique Permanent Collection that comprises over 3000 works including drawings, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, video art, installations, graphic art, and photography, by artists from the Islamic and Developing Worlds, mainly from Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and Australia.Multiple (Visual art, Performing arts, among others)
Studio 8Amman, JordanSince 2014, Studio 8 has collaborated with more than 450 people of 38 nationalities in creating 10 original dance productions, giving more than 40 performances, and organizing more than 120 classes and workshops.

Studio 8 has also made more than 100 dance videos, co-created artist residencies, exhibitions, dance discussions, community art walks and a street art fair.
Performing arts
L’Apartement 22Rabat, MoroccoL’appartement 22 is an independent, collaborative project founded by Abdellah Karroum and based in Rabat, Morocco.Visual arts
La ParallèleCasa Blanca, MoroccoLa Parallèle is a space for art, learning and openness, where everyone can progress at their own pace. Workshops and courses in theatre, dance, music and well-being.

La Parallèle has three workspaces with parquet flooring, a co-working space and a large roof terrace, ideal for relaxing after activities.

The teaching team is made up entirely of artists from renowned Moroccan companies such as IRTIJAL, COI’JAM and La Cabane à films. Co-directed by Fanny Dalmau and Ghassan El, this new space is all about professionalism and a passion for sharing.
Music, Performing arts
LE CUBERabat, MoroccoThe Cube – independent art room is an exhibition, residence and research space focused on contemporary artistic practices. Its approach revolves around projects raising contextualized social, cultural, and political questions, and encourages proposals that question History and narratives. In this dynamic, Le Cube designs and develops a vast program of exhibitions that link artistic issues to other dimensions of research, in order to conduct a constantly evolving reflection on our environment. A place of analysis and experimentation, Le Cube defends an approach where the reflections and points of view of artists and audiences are expressed.Visual arts
Mahal art spaceTangier, Morocco Multiple (Visual arts, digital arts, among others)
Think TangerTangier, MoroccoThink Tanger is a cultural platform dedicated to the exploration of urban challenges arising in the city of Tangier. It serves as a platform to concretely address and highlight social and spatial impacts of urban matters, through projects operating at the crossroads of visual arts, design, participatory research and urban practices.Multiple (Visual arts, design, urbanism, among others)
32BisTunis, TunisiaThe 32bis is a hybrid and alternative place for research, creation, exhibition and knowledge sharing. 2 buildings, 4 levels, 4,000 m²: the 32bis is located within the walls of the former Philips headquarters, built in 1953 in the heart of Tunis.Visual arts
Elbirou Art GallerySousse, TunisiaInaugurated in December 2015, Elbirou Art Gallery is an independent cultural platform for international exchanges and support for young emerging artists. The work in favor of contemporary art of the master of the place is inseparable from his love for photography which spontaneously led him to divert an old family wool warehouse dating from the 1960s into a very recent art gallery benefiting from a strategic location in the heart of the city of Sousse. Elbirou is a platform intended to host artistic manifestations of all forms as well as various cultural events: exhibitions, installations, meetings (talks, presentation of works, concerts, performances, etc.).Visual arts
Kamel Lazaar FoundationTunis, TunisiaSince its founding in 2005, the Kamel Lazaar Foundation for Art and Culture has launched several actions and projects whose local and regional effects highlight the vitality and diversity of the cultural scene in the MENA region. The Foundation supports research, publication, and exhibition initiatives, and regularly organizes debates, symposiums, and seminars. It supports the production and accompaniment of artists through residencies and artists’ workshops, and develops partnerships and exchanges with international cultural actors, in order to promote Tunisia as a hub for contemporary art.Visual arts
L’Art RueTunis, TunisiaL’Art Rue is a shared and transversal space, in the heart of the city of Tunis but intimately linked to what’s around, where artists from here and there meet and connect with citizens, activists and experts of the city and the Tunis life. With the hope of creating, poeticizing and transforming a territory collectively, with the urgency of making city and society together, L’Art Rue puts openness, proximity and the legacy of creation at the centre of its effort to reach out to and include diverse stakeholders, united by a free imagination of a common future.Performing arts, music
Rhizome galleryAlger, AlgeriaRhizome’s initiative aims to support the professionalization of local emerging artists; restructure Rhizome through strategic planning, legal structure, team set-up and financial sustainability; and strengthen Rhizome’s social dimension by developing its audience engagement programs.Visual arts, music

Dumondas frequentas

Jau sun in’artista u in artist da la regiun araba. Tge pussaivladads da promoziun porscha Pro Helvetia?

Ils formats correspundents chattais Vus en la secziun Chattar sustegn. Controllai, cur che Vus tschernis ils parameters che As correspundan.

Jau sun in’artista u in artist da la regiun araba e vuless preschentar mia lavur en Svizra. Survegn jau sustegn finanzial da Pro Helvetia?

Na. Per il solit na sustegnain nus betg la preschentaziun d’ovras, per exempel cun exposiziuns e turneas en Svizra. Per plaschair As infurmai sin artlink davart las pussaivladads da finanziaziun per la preschentaziun d’ovras en Svizra.

Jau sun in’artista u in artist da la regiun araba. Hai jau il dretg sin ina contribuziun ad in’ovra?

Na. Sco fundaziun naziunala sustegna Pro Helvetia mo contribuziuns ad in’ovra per artistas ed artists cun naziunalitad svizra u cun domicil permanent en Svizra. Candidatas e candidats che han fatg in viadi da retschertga u èn stads en ina residenza sustegnida da Pro Helvetia pon s’annunziar per ina contribuziun ad in’ovra da creaziun cuminaivla.

Jau sun ina studenta u in student ed jau tschertg sustegn. Survegn jau sustegn finanzial da Pro Helvetia?

Na. Nus na finanziain naginas furmaziuns terziaras.

Jau sun in’artista u in artist da la regiun araba e vuless dumandar la finanziaziun per in project en in auter pajais da la regiun. Survegn jau sustegn finanzial da Pro Helvetia?

Na. Nus sustegnain mo projects che han in connex evident cun la Svizra e che includan artistas ed artists svizzers.

Organisais Vus events u programs da furmaziun culturals?

Pro Helvetia Cairo n’è betg in center da cultura e n’organisescha u cura ni occurrenzas culturalas ni programs da furmaziun. Projects sustegnids da Pro Helvetia Cairo vegnan manads ed organisads da partenaris svizzers ed arabs.

Jau hai ina proposta per in project, ma nagin partenari svizzer. Ma collia Pro Helvetia cun partenaris svizzers relevants?

Per plaschair As drizzai al responsabel respectiv da program per Vossa regiun.

Avais vus dumondas e vulais vus discurrer cun ina commembra u cun in commember dal team?

Il team a in’egliada